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9th December 2010

Business Partnerships and Expansions On The West Coast

dareThe Vancouver-based offices of brand building agency Dare, a and HootSuite have announced a strategic partnership between the two companies. The agreement will include a customized version of HootSuite’s Enterprise Social Media dashboard that will provide Dare and their clients with a 360 degree social media tool encompassing publishing, broadcasting and reporting of all key social media marketing and communications initiatives on social networks and blogs.

Angèle Beausoleil, Dare’s VP of Strategy and Innovation says “Brand managers are currently operating in a complex and real time environment and need a simple to use and effective tool to monitor, measure as well as engage their consumers.”HootSuite

“After working with numerous monitoring tools for the past three years, it’s very exciting to be partnering with HootSuite on a holistic solution for our clients”‘ added Beausoleil. “The true value is that we can finally integrate Dare’s clients’ campaign and on-going marketing performance data and web analytics directly into the HootSuite reporting environment. Soon our clients will be able to both immediately see and respond to brand conversations affecting the social media space and vice versa. This is a much needed and highly-sought after tool for brand managers.”

Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite says “The partnership with Dare is a great example of HootSuite’s extensible platform and easy to use architecture, and ultimately speaks to the comprehensive solution that we are able to provide for leading brands.”

Born out of a digital agency just two years ago, HootSuite has evolved into a mature and suitable tool for agencies and brands to manage and measure business-oriented social media activities.

Dare SVP and Managing Partner Sandy Fleischer adds “Dare’s partnership with HootSuite is a great example of how Dare’s innovation group will work, under the leadership of Angèle, to provide added value to Dare’s client base.”

The detailed terms of the agreement will be officially announced next week, but Dare’s innovation team is working closely with HootSuite’s Channel Partner team to ensure this industry leading platform is integrated seamlessly with Dare’s brand management and measurement tools. Training for brand managers under HootSuite University will also be part of the package offered by Dare.

clioStaying with Vancouver business news, Themis Solutions Inc., provider of cloud-based legal practice management offering Clio, is bringing real-world, practical legal technology skills to law students by providing Clio at no charge for educational use in law schools across North America. Since its inception, the Clio Educational Use Program has provided free Clio subscriptions to several law schools across the country, allowing them to use Clio in their classrooms and computer centres.

While law schools educate their students on the substance of law, they rarely teach students other important skills that they will need once they become lawyers, including technology usage. This disconnect is highly problematic as law school graduates leave schools largely unprepared for the practical side of running a practice.

Jack Newton, President and co-founder of Clio, states, “Law students are keen on getting exposure to practice management software during the course of their education, as they are increasingly aware that practice management is a skill they need the day they graduate. Because Clio is cloud-based, deploying it in the classroom is much easier than it was with traditional desktop-based systems: teachers can get their students up-and-running on Clio in minutes without needing to ask for support from IT. By making it easy to use a real-world practice management system in a classroom environment, we’re hoping more law students will be able to graduate with the knowledge of how to run an efficient and error-free law practice.”

Clio is currently implemented at the law schools such as Columbia, Georgia State University, CUNY, Loyola, Widener, Indiana State, Texas Tech, and Portland Community College. In some instances, students at these schools are afforded the unprecedented opportunity to simulate managing an active caseload like a practicing lawyer would.

hyperwallethyperWALLET, which is also based in Vancouver, has announced the expansion of its payment network into the Russian Federation, extending the company’s proprietary interlinked ACH clearing capability to 45 countries worldwide. Concurrent with this expansion is the company’s support for payment processing in roubles, and the establishment of an operational subsidiary in Moscow.

“Russia is a major global remitter with a unique regulatory environment, so the extension of our payment services to the region represents a significant network milestone for our company”, states Lisa Shields, President & CEO of hyperWALLET Systems Inc. “With further network expansions planned for the upcoming quarters, hyperWALLET aims to have low-cost ACH clearing coverage to every bank account worldwide by 2012, as well as transactional connectivity to 15% of the unbanked population, via mobile money partnerships.”

With the addition of Russian roubles, hyperWALLET now supports transaction processing and payment distribution in 24 currencies. And with a Russian language localization of hyperWALLET’s web and mobile application interfaces now available, branded payment services can be readily launched in any of 13 languages.

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9th December 2010

A Whole Lotta Indie News

AnnexProLast evening we had the pleasure of attending Annex Pro’s Expo 2011 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, where we had a chance to catch up with a few friends Kerry Corlettas well as make new ones. The team at Annex Pro put together a great group of vendor booths – it’s a good thing that the CaveChild was not with us, or he would’ve tried to make off with the entire Avid Pro Tools display. As it was, I spent a fair bit of time talking with Bonnie from Wacom, and with a smoking hot sales deal from Annex Pro, my very dated Wacom Graphire 3 is now a medium-sized Intuos 4. Now I am just waiting on my registration emails from Wacom (how long does that take, anyway?) so that I can install the free software tools that purchasers of Wacom tablets receive, and then I can watch my Adobe PhotoShop Elements 4 upgrade to version 8 (oh wow, just learned that Adobe is now on version 9), and maybe in a few months’ time I can take advantage of the Wacom Buyer Privileges and upgrade my PhotoShop 7 to PhotoShop CS5 with the special purchase deal. Oh, and if you think my PhotoShop is outdated….I still use Bryce 5 and PaintShop Pro 8. I won a copy of Corel’s PaintIt on Twitter a few months ago, and have been playing a bit with it – watching the software’s conversion process is quite entertaining.

Annex Pro Expo SponsorsScott’s interest at the Annex Pro event was tweaked both by the keynote delivered by Technicolor Creative Services’ Tom Burns and by the offerings from Atempo, Aspera, Blue Arc, G-Tech, AJA and HP because he likes to geek out over the technical side of things, which are completely out of my realm. As long as our networks connect and the computers and server are working, I’m happy – although I do want the fancy computers & screens they have on CSI and Bones, just because they look cool.

I have always liked the software tools developed by Autodesk, who was also present at the expo, but as I can’t draw and haven’t even mastered Bryce 5, Maya and Max are far beyond my capabilities – I have a healthy respect for anyone who creates product with that software. Craft Animations was also displaying their wares, and I actually have one of their products, which I won at a previous Annex Pro event. Not a clue what to do with that, either. Perhaps we should come up with a contest and offer it as a prize; I’m sure there are some indie devs out there who would benefit greatly from having itGarage Inc.

Transgaming Studios has released the pre-game cinematic for their upcoming title Garage Inc on the game’s Facebook page. The cinematic introduces the player to the characters and sets the mood for this 1920’s Prohibition-era game. Watch as lead character Angelo talks with his cousin Sal during a family Christmas gathering about the garage he dreams of opening.

There are two new indie titles available today – Xona Games is burning up the dev pipe, releasing their second new title this week. Score Rush has Score Rushpassed Peer Review and is now out on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 MS Points. Built on the Duality ZF engine, this 4-player shoot ’em up features overwhelming firepower, trailing options, full screen bombs, tons of enemies, an intimidating final boss and hundreds of crazy bullet patterns to survive. The 60 fps adrenaline-rush experience is complemented by a hard-rocking Dragon Music soundtrack.

Also out today is RatRod Studio’s Drift Mania Canadian Championship is now available in the Android Marketplace for 99 cents. Previously released in the iTunes App Store, Android users Drift Maniacan now get in on the racing action. Drift Mania Canadian Championships features Online Global Leaderboards with live events, variable throttle system and hydraulic handbrake with adjustable steering sensitivity, 7 uniquely spec’d vehicles, 5 different tracks, 2 acceleration modes and 3 levels of difficulty with 3 camera configurations. If you want to relive the moment, there is a highlights replay system, and you can also listen to either the included A Space Shootersoundtrack or your own music as you tear up the track.

A post made earlier today by Frima Studios‘ Executive Producer Martin Brouard on the official PlayStation blog announced that there will be a new title released by the studio on December 21st. A Space Shooter for Two Bucks will be available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers, and $1.99 for everyone else. According to the blog, A Space Shooter is of the classic arcade space shooting genre (in case you couldn’t guess that from the title), and “swarms of enemies filling the screens with hazardous bullets and missiles, heaps of upgrades for your ship and its arsenal, high-paced and constant action requiring deft reflexes, and hordes of alien baddies just waiting to be blown up by your superior space-faring skills.” Plus, to add to your gaming experience, there will be a myriad of interesting characters to encounter and in some cases control.

Kitchener-Waterloo developer Footloose Games has announced that they will be releasing a beta version of their Munchies LunchMunchies’ Lunch title on December 27th. Munchies’ Lunch is a fun adventure-puzzle PC-based game for the whole family. Simply download the game from the Footloose website to embark on an epic journey with the Munchie family as they say goodbye to their homeland and travel the world to find a peaceful place where they can settle down. Mr. & Mrs. Munchie will travel along with their children through far-away jungles, over steep mountains, and across the hot deserts in their journey. Along the way they’ll meet the ravenous Hungries, crafty bird-snakes and perhaps evNight Before Christmasen a tribal tiki or two.

Vancouver developer LoudCrow has released its latest iPad book. Available now, this pop-out version of The Night Before Christmas joins LoudCrow’s previous title, Pop-out Tales of Peter Rabbit in the iTunes store. In this new release, you can see William Denslow’s masterful illustrations brought to life with innovative pull-tabs, spin-wheels, and elements that bounce and spring with the touch a finger. Listen to “O Christmas Tree” beautifully performed on piano while you read and interact with each page of the book. Explore every scene and discover the many delightful life-like interactions at your fingertips.

Bioware has released the first in a series of “Making of” videos for Dragon Age 2. Here is Part One:


koboKobo has launched Reading Life, an industry first social eReading experience. Readers can now track their personal reading history, check-in with characters and places inside books and earn achievements and awards for simply reading. Readers can also choose to share books, favourite passages, awards and more with their friends on Facebook. Kobo Reading Life is initially available on iPad, as a part of the latest iPad update in the iTunes store now.

Kobo Reading Life for iPad provides an unparalleled experience that enables users to engage in eReading in new ways, connect with friends, and earn awards just for reading: Read the rest of this entry »

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