28th July 2010

HootSuite Partners with Constant Contact

BiowareBioware has just announced details for more upcoming downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. However, according to the small print on Bioware’s site, Golems of Amgarrak will not be available as a separate download for the Mac version of Dragon Age: Origins.
On August 10th, Dragon Age players will be able to delve deep underground to save a missing dwarven expedition who went off in search of ancient secrets for creating monstrous constructs, and only your Warden can venture into the Deep Roads and discover what awful fate met the expedition.

Put your Warden back in action and adventure through new environments, meet new characters and defeat never before seen creatures. Golems of Amgarrak adds an engrossing new storyline and challenging puzzles to your Dragon Age experience. As with previous DLC add-ons, you will be able to import your highly-developed Warden characters, or begin anew by starting a new high-level hero. You will also be able to earn fully transferable and powerful rewards for your characters, and Golems of Amgarrak promises to challenge even the most experienced Dragon Age veterans. I sense more near-death unconscious experiences in the future of my Warden. Good thing she’s resilient.

DIG London 2010DIG London is looking for your input as to who and what you’d like to see on the conference’s agenda. Head over to the DIG London Facebook account to share your views. This year’s conference will be held November 18th and 19th at the London (Ontario) Conference Centre.

HootSuiteAmerican company Constant Contact has signed a co-marketing partnership deal with HootSuite® through their Constant Contact Partner Program. By partnering with a leader in social media, Constant Contact is again demonstrating its commitment to offer its customers the best social media marketing tools and resources available today whether through acquisition, in-house development, or strategic partnership. As part of the Constant Contact Partner Program, HootSuite will benefit from exposure to Constant Contact’s diverse customer base of more than 350,000 small businesses and nonprofit organizations. HootSuite’s customers will also be able to leverage the proven email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and online survey tools Constant Contact offers.

teletoonTwo major corporations have announced their digital agencies of record today. Teletoon Canada Inc. has partnered up with Tribal DDB Canada’s Toronto office as its digital and social media agency of record, while ING Direct Canada has named Dashboard, also located in Toronto, as their interactive developer.Tribal DDB

Starting immediately, Tribal DDB Toronto will build a social media strategy with an integrated approach to extend consumer awareness and engagement of Teletoon’s three key brands – Teletoon, Teletoon at Night and Teletoon Retro – through digital and social media vehicles. New campaign work is expected to launch later this fall.

“Teletoon has been successfully fostering engagement through various social networking initiatives, however we’re looking to collaborate with Tribal DDB to build on and further optimize our efforts,” says Russell Ward, VP Marketing, Teletoon Canada inc. “We’re impressed by Tribal DDB’s social creativity, strategic thinking and track record of creating ideas that have generated wide appeal and buzz.”

dashboardING DIRECT has been a strong player in the digital space since the bank’s Canadian launch. For over 13 years, they have operated and marketed as a direct bank. A partnership with Dashboard, will further ING Direct Canada’s interactive initiatives. With big news for the bank on the horizon, both teams have already begun working.

“We are thrilled to add ING Direct to our growing roster of excellent clients,” said Daryl Aitken, President, Dashboard. “ING Direct was one of the first digital marketers in Canada, essentially digital veterans, so they are ready to go to the next tier of digital presence that Dashboard delivers on time and time again. Our team is already at work doing smart and innovative work.”

Roaring PenguinThe fight against spam got a little bit easier as Roaring Penguin Software Inc. announced the latest release of their CanIt 7.0.6 software. Roaring Penguin offers an evaluation copy so you can personally test out the following new features, along with all of the previously existing anti-spam capabilities of this software:

1. Direct Injection of Messages into Sendmail Queue: CanIt can directly inject streamed mail into the Sendmail Queue rather than re-mail it with Sendmail. This should significantly improve performance in busy sites that have individual streams for each user.

2. New Web Interface Code: CanIt 7.0.6 introduces the web code that will allow the creation of a new easy-to-theme web interface that will eventually replace the web code for the existing interface. The new interface code can be run concurrently with the existing interface code.

CanIt 7.0.6 is available as:

* CanIt-PRO, an anti-spam / anti-virus appliance or a soft appliance.
* CanIt-Domain-PRO , a version allowing MSPs to host anti-spam for their customers.
* Hosted CanIt, a fully outsourced anti-spam solution.

Absolute SoftwareAbsolute® Software Corporation is expanding its Computrace® persistence technology to support Absolute Manage, Absolute’s lifecycle management solution, which means it will be the world’s only self-healing lifecycle management solution for supported firmware. With this new capability, the Absolute Manage application agent will self-heal (or automatically reinstall) in the event that it is removed or disabled on a computer being managed by IT. According to a survey of IT professionals in mid-to-large-sized organizations carried out by Info-Tech Research Group, traditional IT asset management technology is vulnerable to user or thief tampering. Approximately 28% of the time, the critical discovery agent installed on computers is disabled – effectively rendering it unreachable for IT staff tasked with managing it. (“Where’s Your Laptop? Incorporating Laptops into IT Asset Management Practices,” Info-Tech Research Group, 2010)

According to John Livingston, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Absolute, “When we set out to revolutionize the way computers are managed and protected, we realized that no single factor is more important than maintaining a consistent, tamper-resistant, virtual tether to each computer. The result of this vision was our patented Computrace BIOS-persistent self-healing technology. This technology is so proven that it is installed at the factory by the world’s leading computer makers. Today, we are taking that fundamental building block to the must-have category of computer lifecycle management solutions. It truly sets Absolute Manage apart from traditional lifecycle management tools.”

Absolute Manage provides organizations with an easy and automated way to manage PC and Mac(R) computers, as well as Apple mobile devices, from a single interface. IT administrators using Absolute Manage can efficiently manage all their assets by automating time-consuming IT processes.

Some of the capabilities of Absolute Manage include:

– Application & License Management – Deploy software and manage licenses across the network.
– Security, Change & Configuration Management – Remotely monitor and adjust configurations, and execute files.
– Automated Patch Management – Centrally manage and install patches, and report on patch status for all managed systems.
– Computer Imaging – Install a complete OS plus all standard applications onto Mac computers while in use or just out of the box.
– Power Management – Comply with green initiatives and lower total cost of ownership by remotely enforcing power saving policy profiles.
– Asset Inventory – Collect hardware and software data points from devices over the network and analyze the information for timely and fact-based asset management decisions.

With the tamper-resistance provided by persistence technology, IT departments will have an added degree of confidence that despite day-to-day challenges of managing computers, they can count on Absolute Manage to be fully-functional on all of their computers.

“We’ve found that managing mobile users represents the biggest pain point in client management,” said Terrence Cosgrove, Sr. Research Analyst at Gartner. “The biggest problems with mobile users are visibility and supportability. Our research has found that notebook TCO is about 18% to 23% (Gartner, Inc. New Approaches to Client Management, Terrence Cosgrove, Ronni J. Colville, February 25, 2010) higher than that of desktops, largely because of the complicated management situation that notebooks create.”

iBwaveFor those involved in mapping out and executing indoor networks, iBwave has announced the availability of its new product, iBwave Express. It is the newest addition to iBwave’s current suite of in-building software solutions and is offered to RF professionals who are still manually designing and planning indoor wireless network projects using tools such spreadsheets and drawing software.

Synonymous with multi-functionality, reliability, cost and time saving, iBwave Express combines the main advantages and technologies of iBwave’s flagship iBwave Design while focusing on simple in-building DAS architecture and calculations. iBwave Express is an affordable, accessible and easy to use stand-alone software tool that accelerates and automates link budget calculations and lets RF users save on time and reduce important costly errors generated when manually creating system designs and reports.

“We have created iBwave Express based on the industry and market need to use an entry-level design tool that gears RF professionals with an automated and accurate design tool at a very affordable price,” says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave. “iBwave Express does just that as it offers intuitive functionalities to standardize design formats and make documents look professional while ensuring precise information is included for optimum design quality, exact calculations and accurate output scenarios.”

RF professionals can create in-building DAS designs with over 4,900 of the latest network components to quickly generate bill of material and analyze project costs to improve their bidding chances. Design documents are all kept in a single application, allowing for better control of project versions and updates. With iBwave Express, iBwave has identified the key steps required to design a simple wireless network and has leveraged its trusted expertise to incorporate the true basics into the software and follow its strategy to deliver intuitive solutions to simplify and automate design work in the in-building industry. iBwave Express is fully compatible with iBwave Design when importing and exporting DAS projects from one software to another.

Telefilm CanadaTelefilm Canada has announced its latest investment decisions for the Low Budget Independent Feature Film Assistance Program. Twenty-one applications for French-language production and post-production projects were received this year. The Program, launched ten years ago, encourages innovation and cultural diversity. Since its inception, more than 35 independent films have been made with Telefilm funding.

“Telefilm is proud to support the development of independent film,” said Louise Deslauriers, National Feature Film Executive – French Market. “The Program drew an exciting array of projects once again, and we are pleased to announce the six selected for funding.”

“Independent feature film production is a pillar of the film industry,” declared Michel Pradier, Director, Project Financing. “It is vital for Telefilm to support such projects and foster their continued development.”

Projects selected for 2010 are:

Coteau Rouge directed by Marc-André Forcier and co-written by Marc-André Forcier, Linda Pinet and Georgette Duchaîne, Quebec

The Blanchards are a close-knit family: Grandfather Honoré, Fernand, his only son, Fernand’s wife Micheline and their two children, Henri and Hélène. Hélène, who is married to Éric, an entrepreneur bent on destroying Coteau Rouge, cannot bear children, so Micheline is carrying their baby. This family portrait is also a charge against gentrification and a defence of family values, combined with an ironic dig at the bourgeoisie.

Diego Star directed and written by Frédérick Pelletier, Quebec (coproduction with France)

The Diego Star has suffered major damage. While it’s being repaired at the Lévis shipyard, Traoré, the cargo’s Ivory Coast mechanic, finds room and board with Nathalie, a young single mother who works at the shipyard cafeteria. As a good Christian and responsible father of a large family, Traoré observes Nathalie’s life with a surprised but sympathetic eye, accepting it as he does the harsh Canadian winter. Nathalie, accustomed to being on her own, warily warms to the foreigner’s compassion. But then Traoré is charged with causing the Diego Star’s mechanical breakdown and finds himself alone and destitute, thousands of kilometres from home.

Jo pour Jonathan directed by Maxime Giroux and co-written by Maxime Giroux and Alexandre Laferrière, Quebec (post-production)

Jonathan idolizes his big brother and follows in his footsteps. One night they take part in an illegal car race. They never cross the finish line.

Nuit #1 directed and written by Anne Emond, Quebec

Clara (27) and Jacob (30) meet at a rave and late that night go back to Jacob’s place, where they make love. Afterwards, instead of going their separate ways, they decide to talk. They confess their fears, their regrets, their feelings of loneliness, their shared sense of not belonging, of being useless. Both of them see little reason for living. In the morning, Clara goes to teach her third grade class, where the children recite poems that have marked Quebec literature.

Terre Meuble (La) directed and written by Martin Laroche, Quebec

Sophie underwent genital excision in Africa at the age of four, before being taken from her country and adopted in Canada. Twenty years later, having earned in B.A. in film, she gets a job with a touring amusement park. Her boss asks her to make a promotional documentary on the business. Sophie gets carried away with her camera, filming everything, even things not directly connected with her work. Gradually she comes to understand that she is making a film about her own life and the secret she has kept since childhood.

Y’en aura pas de facile directed and written by Marc-André Lavoie, Quebec (post-production)

When you meet Réjean, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s imagined. As a professional biographer, his job is to embellish his clients’ lives. But he soon runs into this problem on an online dating site that requires a video about him and his life. A sales pitch, so to speak. Looking into the camera, he hesitantly begins telling his story, struggling to reconstruct life as he remembers it. But his professional bent gets in the way and he takes the easy way out, hiding behind a concocted tale that makes his life an extravagant adventure worthy of a bestseller. A funny yet poignant story full of twists and turns that will keep viewers guessing – true or false?

Band-Aid Jingle Tour“I am stuck on BAND-AID® Brand…” Know that famous jingle? Nearly 70 per cent of Canadian moms do, according to a recent Angus Reid Public Opinion poll. Now, moms and their families will have the chance to record their best rendition of the tune for a great cause at the BAND-AID® Brand mobile recording studio, back by popular demand this summer at community events across the country. BAND-AID® Brand promotes healthy and active kids, so one dollar from every jingle video recorded to support Safe Kids Canada, a charity committed to inspiring a culture of safety across the country.

“Last year’s tour was such a great success that we wanted to challenge Canadians to show off their talents for another year,” said Aaron Young, one of the BAND-AID® Brand Jingle Ambassadors. “This is a great fun family activity that directly benefits Safe Kids Canada’s commitment to reduce preventable injuries.”

Each jingle recorded at the BAND-AID® Brand mobile recording studio will be uploaded so that Canadians can vote for their favourite rendition. Ten lucky voters will win a Johnson & Johnson Inc. product prize pack and the jingle with the most votes will win $10,000 in travel, courtesy of the makers of BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages.

The “Stuck on BAND-AID® Brand” jingle was developed almost 40 years ago by the legendary Barry Manilow and has been passed down to generations of Canadian moms. In fact, the survey found that the BAND-AID® Brand jingle remains one of the most well-known jingles among Canadian moms, with nearly 90 per cent of those who know it able to hum or sing the famous tune. Please see the tour’s web site for a full list of community locations hosting the BAND-AID® Brand mobile recording studio and complete contest rules.

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