25th August 2011

Teradici Announces APEX 2800 PCoIP Server Offload Card Distribution With EVGA

TeradiciBurnaby PC-over-IP®  developer Teradici Corporation has announced its agreement to distribute the APEX 2800 PCoIP server offload card with valued partner, EVGA. Teradici will partner with EVGA to bring the APEX 2800 to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The group of EVGA’s distribution partners offering the Teradici APEX 2800 PCoIP server offload card include Ingram Micro, ASI, D&H, and Synnex.

The APEX 2800 is specifically designed to offload PCoIP image encoding responsibilities from VMware View VDI servers, significantly reducing CPU utilization. Unexpected peaks in CPU processing demands are instantly managed to protect and ensure a consistently high level of user experience at the desktop, and IT managers can enable increased VDI consolidation ratios while managing data center space and power needs more effectively.

“We look forward to working with EVGA to distribute our APEX 2800 PCoIP server offload card,” said Trent Punnett, vice president marketing, product management, and systems engineering. “We are confident that the trusted partnership between our organizations and the strength of EVGA’s channel relationships will provide the most effective path to market for the APEX 2800.”

“At EVGA we constantly strive to offer customers an array of outstanding products and we are proud to include Teradici’s PCoIP technology, along with its APEX 2800 PCoIP server offload card in our offerings,” said Bob Klase, VP of Sales at EVGA. “EVGA is committed to distribution and marketing of the APEX 2800 and is pleased by the early signs of market demand.”

The APEX 2800 PCoIP server offload card will be available beginning December, 2011 with a list price of $1995.00 USD.

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25th August 2011

Shaw Media Announces Details for Bomb Girls Mini-Series

Shaw CableShaw Media has announced casting and production details for Global Television’s original drama series, Bomb Girls. Starring Oscar® nominated actress Meg Tilly (Agnes of God, The Big Chill), the series begins production in Toronto on September 12 and runs through November 16, 2011. Commissioned by Shaw Media’s original content team and produced by Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films, the six-part, one-hour series is scheduled to premiere on Global in January 2012.

Set in the 1940s, Bomb Girls tells the remarkable stories of the women who risked their lives in a munitions factory building bombs for the Allied forces fighting on the European front. The series delves into the lives of these exceptional women from all walks of life – peers, friends and rivals – who find themselves thrust into new worlds and changed profoundly as they are liberated from their home and social restrictions.Bomb Girls

“Bomb Girls is rich with historical significance, stemming from the efforts of Canadian women during the Second World War, and we are proud to spotlight the groundbreaking bravery of these unsung heroes through this new Global original,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice-President, Content, Shaw Media. “With its fresh-faced cast, seasoned production team, intriguing storylines and unflappable characters, this six-part series is a dynamic addition to our midseason slate.”

Bomb Girls stars Meg Tilly as Lorna, a supervisor at the munitions factory with two sons on the front; Jodi Balfour (The Sinking of the Laconia) as Gladys, a wealthy socialite who becomes a bomb girl despite her parents’ disapproval; Charlotte Hegele (Murdoch Mysteries) as Kate, a preacher’s daughter with a golden voice who’s running from her fundamentalist father; Ali Liebert (Hellcats) as Betty, a fast-talking girl from the Prairies responsible for training the bomb girls; Anastasia Philips (Skins) as Vera, whose life is forever changed by her work on the assembly line; Lisa Norton (72 Hours: True Crime) as Edith, a forlorn mother of two youngsters; and Antonio Cupo (L’Ombra del destino) as Marco, an Italian-born factory worker who is banned from the army because of his ethnic background.

“We’re stepping away from the familiar romantic notions of the ’40s to instead explore the astonishing and little-known truths about the home front,” said co-creator Michael MacLennan (Flashpoint, Queer as Folk). Further to this, co-creator Adrienne Mitchell (Durham County, Bliss) added, “When an explosive could blast in your face today, when your overseas lover could be shot dead tomorrow, when you’re not sure if the free world will be standing next month, you play your cards however you want — and you don’t play by the old rules.”

Produced by Muse Entertainment (The Kennedys) and Back Alley Films (Durham County), executive producers include Michael MacLennan, Michael Prupas (Muse Entertainment), Janis Lundman (Back Alley Films) and Adrienne Mitchell (Back Alley Films). Adrienne Mitchell is also the co-showrunner along with Michael MacLennan, who serves as the series’ head writer. Bomb Girls will be directed by Adrienne Mitchell, Ken Girotti (Rescue Me, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) and Anne Wheeler (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Cra$h and Burn).

The series will be distributed worldwide by Muse Distribution International.

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25th August 2011

EDC Partnership With Silicon Valley C-100 Will Help Grow Canadian IT Companies

Government of CanadaExport Development Canada (EDC) has formalized a partnership with C-100, a select group of Canadian entrepreneurs based primarily in Silicon Valley who leverage their collective expertise to grow a new generation of successful Canadian-led technology companies.

“Canada’s high tech sector has among the most energetic and aggressive exporters in the country, and their global mentality is an approach that partners well with EDC’s own interest in growing Canada’s export trade,” said Benoit Daignault, Senior Vice-President, Business Development, EDC.

“EDC’s partnership with C-100 will focus on enhancing EDC’s support of the Canadian technology community by gaining greater insights into the challenges and opportunities within the Canadian venture capital industry.”

Under the partnership, EDC will undertake an active involvement in the C-100 mentorship program, including having an EDC representative on the panel of C-100’s signature “48 hours in the valley” conference series, as well as participating in C-100 events in Canada and in the Silicon Valley.

EDC is Canada’s export credit agency, offering innovative commercial solutions to help Canadian exporters and investors expand their international business. EDC’s knowledge and partnerships are used by more than 8,200 Canadian companies and their global customers in up to 200 markets worldwide each year. EDC is financially self-sustaining and a recognized leader in financial reporting and economic analysis.

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25th August 2011

Salute to Supernatural Convention In Vancouver This Weekend

supernaturalFans will come together to celebrate the hit TV series Supernatural as Creation Entertainment brings an unforgettable weekend to Vancouver, The Salute to Supernatural Convention.  This three-day event will take place Friday thru Sunday, August 26-28 at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, 1088 Burrard Street in Vancouver.

Throughout the weekend celebrity guests from Supernatural are scheduled to appear include:  on Friday, Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle), Richard Speight, Jr. (Trickster), Chad Lingberg (Ash) and Colin Lawrence (Reggie Hull); on Saturday, Misha Collins (Castiel), Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) Steven Williams (Rufus Turner), Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell), Richard Speight, Jr. (Trickster), and Sebastian Roche (Balthazar); on Sunday, the stars of Supernatural Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Christopher Heyerdahl (Alastair).

In addition to celebrity appearances, the non-stop auditorium show will include behind the scenes presentations, costume and trivia contests, no minimum bid auctions of unique collectibles and one-of-a-kind items, and special salute videos and previews of upcoming sci-fi television shows and motion pictures.   Also not to be missed will be an exhibit hall featuring Sci-Fi collectibles from across the galaxy, autographs, photo opportunities and more.

General admission tickets are available in advance or at the door for $20 on Friday, $30 on Saturday and $60 on Sunday.  Show hours are:

Friday: 12 noon – 6:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (times are tentative).

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25th August 2011

Boston Company Looks At The New Gaming Landscape

Not exactly Canadian, but I felt that I would take advantage of editorial license as the company doesn’t state exactly where the survey respondents were from – if they were all living in the USA or not.

Over the past few years, the popularity of mobile phones and tablets have contributed to an explosion in gaming by offering users the newfound ability to game anytime and anywhere. A study just released by the research consultancy, Latitude, offers a deeper-dive investigation into the new gaming landscape and the profile of tomorrow’s gamer, suggesting opportunities for both game developers and companies across industries. A complete study summary (PDF) is available for download from Latitude.

The study included a Web survey of 290 smartphone owners between the ages of 15-54 who self-identified as “casual gamers,” with nearly half labeling themselves “game enthusiasts.” More than two-thirds said they expect to be gaming even more over the next few years. The multi-phase The Future of Gaming: a Portrait of the New Gamers study was designed by Latitude to investigate the evolution of gaming, to profile tomorrow’s gamers, and to showcase resulting opportunities across industries for the future of gaming.New Gamers Infographic Smartphone ownership was a criterion for survey participation, but engagement with mobile games was not.

The study found that the stereotype of the reclusive gamer is outdated; this emerging demographic is social, heavily engaged with the “offline” world, and extremely goal-oriented – with a strong drive to improve themselves and the world around them. The new gamers are not constrained to any single platform, and have many different motivations for gaming in addition to just having fun [See New Gamers – Infographic- right]. Moreover, they expect that online games will continue to move out of the traditional screen environment, blending seamlessly with the “offline” world in new and engaging ways that go beyond just “checking in” with apps like Foursquare and SCVNGR.

“This study is part of our larger People Connected initiative, a series designed to offer a snapshot of intentionally small groups who are currently redefining what’s possible through the Web,” says Neela Sakaria, Senior Vice President of Latitude. “We go beyond just identifying changes in technology, delving deeply into technology’s potential impact on us as people – how we think, relate to each other, and approach our daily lives. Profiling dynamic user groups like ‘the new gamers’ gives us a window into how companies can not only develop meaningful tech experiences today but, more excitingly, grasp opportunities that are just on the horizon.”

The study pinpointed three key insights summarizing what the new gamers are expecting for the future:

1. Games Go Beyond the Screen
Eager to get beyond their smartphone screens, gamers are actively seeking new levels of interactivity, more Chart 5intuitive interfaces (e.g., gestural or telepathic controls), and personalization of the physical world that mirrors what’s possible online. Future games should register and respond to people as they exist in the offline world, which may mean using a player’s location, mood or stress level as metrics in a game, or allowing players to overlay virtual environments or information onto their actual surroundings, as with augmented reality [See ‘New Gamers – Chart 5 – right].

Study participants expressed an overwhelming desire for immersive integration of digital content with traditionally offline spaces and activities:

  •     95 percent would like to see more games that do a better job of combining digital content with the real, physical world.
  •     90 percent agreed that current and future technologies will play a critical role in extending games beyond the traditional screen environment, moving them out into the real world.

“The gamers of tomorrow won’t be limited by platform or location. As technology becomes more seamlessly integrated with our lives, everyone will be a gamer, and the world around us will become the ultimate playing field,” explains Natalie Stehfest, a senior research analyst who led the study and who heads up Latitude’s qualitative research team. “Technology will allow us to measure – and, ultimately, improve – ourselves in the context of our daily activities and surroundings. Many people making small changes can have a large impact in society, and this study suggests that the new gamers are ready to ‘level-up,’ and be challenged in this way.”

2. Life Becomes Play
Not only did participants want games to be well-integrated with the offline world in a technological sense, they requested games that better fit into the context of everyday life activities, and could provide added incentive to do things they want or need to do anyways. Currently, a variety of “life games” exist for personal wellness, learning, and even for completing household chores.

  •     92 percent would like to use more “life games” (e.g., games that fit into the context of things they do anyways in life)
  •     More than two-thirds would like games to help them achieve their personal goals, such as being healthier or more productive.

3. Social Matures into Societal
The social aspect of gaming makes it particularly well suited to tackling larger societal issues, as people can now share meaningful experiences easily in real-time. Obstacles related to engagement, crowdsourcing, and logistics are removed as mobile platforms make it easier to become an engaged community member or to get involved with socially good causes in a way that feels game-like, either overtly or in a broader, “social adventure” sense.

  • New Game Landscape Chart 7    96 percent would like to see more games geared toward creating positive change in society over the next 5-10 years. (Only one-quarter have played games like this before.)
  •     3 in 4 people would be more interested in getting to know their neighbors and the people in their communities if local meet-ups were designed to be more game-like (e.g., involving neighborhood “teams,” scavenger hunts, etc.).

In conjunction with The Future of Gaming survey, Latitude conducted a series of expert interviews with both game makers and game enthusiasts, culminating in the production of a mini-documentary, The Future of Gaming: a Portrait of the New Gamers, produced in collaboration with In the Car Media. This thought-provoking snapshot of the new gaming landscape serves up fresh, insider perspectives on how games have evolved, and who exactly is playing today – or will be tomorrow. The full video, featuring Buster Benson, CEO of Health Month, is available in HD on Vimeo.

“Our interviews are meant to bring to life what we found in the study: that the new gamers are connected – often outgoing – people who live and play in the ‘real world,’ and who have a serious interest in bettering themselves and society as a whole,” says Dan Hemmerly-Brown, the video’s director and an Innovation Engineer at Latitude. “These conversations have even inspired Latitude to consider possibilities for building game elements into our own research techniques and technologies.”

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25th August 2011

RIM Announces BBM Music

Research In Motion has officially announced BBM™ Music, a new BBM (BlackBerry® Messenger) service for socially connected music fans. BBM Music is an easy-to-use cloud-based service that enables social and viral music discovery by allowing users to build an evolving, community-based music library that is shared amongst their BBM Music friends. The size of the music library continues to grow as new friends join the community and each user can select music from a catalog with millions of songs from leading music companies – Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI.

“More than 45 million customers already love the social communication benefits delivered through BBM and we are thrilled to be extending the experience into a uniquely social and interactive music service,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “We have partnered with leading music companies to provide a ‘full track’ music sharing and discovery experience that will provide users with quality music on demand and allow them to connect with friends on a whole new level.”

Key features of BBM Music include:

  • Music made social – BBM Music is a cloud-based, social music service that allows you to share and discover music with your friends, creating a continually evolving music library:
    • Build a personal music profile with 50 of your favorite songs. You can refresh your profile by swapping out up to 25 songs each month.
    • Invite your BBM friends to subscribe to BBM Music and to join your BBM Music Community.
    • With each friend that is added to BBM Music, you grow your music collection since the songs from the profile of each BBM Music friend are available to you at any time.
    • Up to 50 tracks from your personal profile are shared with your BBM Music Community, and each member of your community shares up to 50 songs from their profile with you.
    • Enjoy a truly social community-based music experience – the more friends who join your community, the more songs you can listen to.
    • Easily discover music that your BBM Music friends are listening to, and comment on your friends’ songs and playlists.
    • You can create multiple playlists from music in your profile as well as all of your friends’ profiles, and with one click you can shuffle the entire collection of music from your BBM Music Community. You can even see which friend contributed each song while it plays.
    • Within your BBM Music app, you also see a visual timeline that shows the recent updates of all users within your community. It gives you a chronological view of community updates, including who added new friends, which songs were added or removed, which playlists were created and what comments were made by your BBM Music friends.
  • Listen to Full Tracks – BBM Music subscribers can listen to full tracks from their friends’ profiles – not just previews.
  • Offline Listening - Music can be saved to smartphones for offline listening, allowing users to access songs even when they don’t have wireless coverage.
  • Topping the Charts – Keep track of how many friends are listening to your tracks.

Omnifone, a premier cloud music service provider, is providing RIM with a back-end solution for the BBM Music service that provides content management, music hosting and reporting functions based on Omnifone’s award winning technology. As part of RIM’s proprietary service, Omnifone’s back-end solution helps facilitate the delivery of a full music catalog to BBM Music users and comprehensive compensation reporting for copyright holders.

“A major component of online music continues to be about community, and the ability to discover new artists and music through word of mouth,” stated Rob Wells, President of Global Digital Business for Universal Music Group. “BBM Music dynamically and elegantly integrates the excitement of this social music discovery process with a high quality music service, enabling tens of millions of BlackBerry users to experience new music and to share those experiences with their friends virtually anywhere and at anytime.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with Research In Motion on their BBM Music service. RIM and its large base of BlackBerry Messenger users represent an exciting platform for expanding the reach of commercial digital music around the world,” stated Thomas Hesse, President, Global Digital Business, U.S. Sales and Corporate Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment. “The combination of a premium music solution and instant messaging will enable viral music discovery and emphasize the social power of digital music. It also offers an effective way of serving younger consumers by integrating music into the fabric of an important hub of their digital activity.”

“A dynamic social music experience is a powerful way for our artists to connect with fans and also for fans to discover music by interacting with each other,” said Michael Nash, Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Warner Music Group. “Addressing more than 45 million BlackBerry Messenger users with a service tailor-made for its mobile community, BBM Music has the opportunity to reach a broad and engaged audience.”

“We are very excited to work with Research In Motion to bring our artists’ music to BBM’s huge and very loyal user base,” said Mark Piibe, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development at EMI Music. “BBM Music’s unique social discovery experience offers fans a great new way to discover music, share their favorite tracks with their friends and build a stronger connection with the artists they love.”

“The widespread adoption of mobile devices provides the perfect foundation for consuming and sharing music. Brands that want to deliver a unique interactive experience must create services that are mobile, social, and contextual,” said Maribel Lopez Principal at Lopez Research and Constellation Research Group.

A closed beta trial of the BBM Music service is starting today in Canada, the United States and the UK. The BBM Music service is expected to be commercially available to customers later this year for a monthly subscription of $4.99 USD in Australia, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, the United Kingdom and the United States. Pricing may vary by country and will be announced upon availability in each country. Data charges may apply if music is downloaded over wireless networks in conjunction with limited data plans. Check with your network operator for the terms of your data plan.


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24th August 2011

BCIC Entrepreneurship At Wavefront Program Deadline Is Looming

bcicBCIC and Wavefront (the Canadian wireless commercialization centre) launched its second annual entrepreneurship@Wavefront Program today.  A 12-month program, entrepreneurship@Wavefront is designed to support and nurture early-stage B.C. wireless companies from product concept to market entry. After a successful pilot, the accelerator program is expanding to support 12 companies this year and will be working closely with the BC Regional wavefrontScience and Technology Network to increase accessibility of the program for participants outside the Lower Mainland.

“The first year program enabled eight entrepreneurs to turn their product ideas into successful emerging wireless companies,” said Mark Payne, Acting CEO of BCIC.  “Wavefront has done a great job working with these startups in our program, which have collectively generated over half a million dollars in external investment, over $350,000 in revenues, 18 new jobs, and new products that are penetrating growing markets.”

Among the first year graduating class is Vancouver-based RewardLoop, this year’s B.C. TIA Award winner for ‘Most Promising Startup’.

“The entrepreneurship@Wavefront was the catalyst that enabled us to work full time on bringing RewardLoop to market.  We have already signed deals with some of North America’s largest retail chains and are expanding our reach through international distribution partnerships , “ said Nigel Malkin, CEO and Co-Founder, RewardLoop. “The guidance, feedback, and support we’ve received from the program at Wavefront were invaluable to us in making these accomplishments possible in such a short period of time.”

Companies selected this year will receive office space in Wavefront’s downtown accelerator centre, access to their wireless expert advisory, training, and testing services, sales and marketing coaching, and connections to key industry contacts. Program participants also benefit from BCIC’s Mentor Program, a network of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who provide entrepreneurs with support that is critical for growing a successful company.

“The wireless solutions being developed by the entrepreneurship@Wavefront companies span from Machine-to-Machine (M2M) to next generation networks to enterprise applications that address issues faced across many industries.  We continue to work closely with BCIC to ensure cross-sector opportunities, creating an environment within our accelerator centre that fosters collaboration and success,” said Jim Maynard, President of Wavefront.

Full details and applications for the entrepreneurship@Wavefront program are available online. The deadline for applications is Friday, August 26th at 11:59 p.m.   Selected companies will be announced September 7, 2011 with the program and access to Wavefront’s downtown Vancouver offices beginning immediately after.

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24th August 2011

IUGO Launches Animal Academy

IUGOIUGO is pleased to announce the launch of its next mobile social title, Animal Academy, a time/resource-management game that lets you build and customize your school for adorable animal teachers and students.animal academy

“We wanted to create a fun experience for all ages,” states IUGO’s CEO Hong-Yee Wong.  “Animal Academy is very easy to pick up, and the friendly and intuitive activities will keep you delighted for hours.”  The game launches with 20 cheery classroom themes and 23 endearing animal characters, with more being added with regular updates.

Animal Academy Description

  • Customize your school – Build classrooms that will delight the students of Animal Academy. Reading, writing and arithmetic are the basics, but this ultra-fun school can also teach subjects such as paleontology, robotics, fashion and football to name but a few.
  • Attract adorable animals – Each new classroom unlocks a new animal species! Cats, dogs, penguins, foxes, robo-mice and more.
  • Play with friends – Pitch your students up against rival schools in friendly competitions or help out by supervising a friend’s classroom! Playing with friends earns you daily in-game rewards.
  • Play the role of Principal – Build and maintain the greatest school in the land. The students at Animal Academy have been known to reward beloved Principals with heart-felt, home-made gifts.
  • Expect tons of future content – IUGO is committed to keeping Animal Academy fresh with frequent and continuous updates. Check back often for new classrooms, animal species, game features and more.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The iPhone and iPad enhanced game is available now in the Apple Appstore and is today’s free download thanks to @FreeAppADay. Animal Academy is rated 4+ and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 3.0 or later.

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24th August 2011

Red Nova Episode Two Now Available

Celsius GamesCelsius Games has released the next installment in the Red Nova saga. In Episode 1: Red Nova, which was released earlier this year, players were introduced to the Earth Colonial Fleet, brave soldiers tasked with protecting the people of our home planet. While out on a test flight with the shiny new prototype fighter ESC Red Nova, the crew happens upon a previously unknown alien fleet preparing to stage a sneak attack on the human colonies.red nova iPhone

In order to give the Red Nova a chance to escape and warn the rest of the fleet you have volunteered to attack the aliens head-on. With a choice of any of the fighters on deck, you have to use your wits, guns, and ample supply of homing missiles to survive the alien onslaught for as long as possible.

In Episode Two: Mercy, the ESC has been receiving reports that a massive alien mothership has begun an assault on the shipyards at Gamma Crucis, a mere 88 light years from Earth. It has disabled the fleet there and without your help the crew of those ships will perish.

While the Red Nova occupies the mothership you must use your skill to pilot your heavy transport ship, the Raven, against the alien’s fighter onslaught launched from the mothership. Battle through the waves of enemy ships and rescue the stranded citizens at the shipyard before it’s too late.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Episode Two is a free update for those who already own Episode One – if you haven’t yet purchased this challenging game for your iOS mobile device, you can get it in the iTunes App Store for only 99 cents (USD) – a very good value for such a polished title.

New features added in Episode Two include an added “Gun Pod” power-up which, when activated, will orbit your ship, targeting the nearest enemy and firing at a rapid rate. Gun Pod is backwards compatible with Episode 1. Another new feature is the anti-capital-ship explosive enemy type, which is only featured in Episode 2. This feature offers lots of hit points and will only attack capital ships.

Fixes included with the Episode 2 Update:

  • Optimized rendering engine, should improve performance
  • Changed pause button to make it easier to see the radar
  • Radar markers now change size based on distance to target
  • Fixed a pause/resume bug that would occur when the game entered the background during “Game Over”
  • Increased the range at which energy orbs will become attracted to the ship
  • Improved loading time from optimized data files
  • Improved menu navigation

Red Nova is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 3.1.3 or later and is Rated 9+ for Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence. For even more insight into the Red Nova story, check out the short story Test Pilot by game creator Colin Walsh.

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24th August 2011

Canada Media Fund invests 3.4 Million Through English POV Program

Canada Media FundThe Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today an investment of $3.4 million in 16 projects through its 2011-2012 English Point-of-View (POV) Program. This program is designed to encourage English POV documentary production.

Of the 49 applications received for the English POV Program, the CMF has approved the funding for 16 projects. $2.7 million has been committed to television components and $0.7 million to digital media components. Fourteen projects were presented with a rich and substantial digital media component, of which 11 will be financed by the CMF, while two are using video on demand (VOD) and/or digital distribution as their additional platforms.

Of the approved projects, two are from British Columbia, one is a co-production between Nova Scotia and Nunavut, six are from Ontario, six from Quebec, and one from Saskatchewan. These decisions and funding commitments are preliminary, as all requests must undergo a contracting process.


Convergent Project Title  Applicant(s) Region Platform $ Commitment 
An Ill Wind  Dark Lullabies Inc. (dba DLI Productions)  MTL  Television  $188,169
 Moonray Studios  TOR  Digital Media  $100,000
 Total:  $288,169
Arctic Defenders  John Walker Productions Ltd.  NS  Digital Media  $50,000
 Television  $195,000
 Total:  $245,000
El Huaso  The Handshake Productions Inc.  MTL  Television  $69,000
Election Fever  Karma Film Inc.  SK  Digital Media  $100,000
 Television  $250,000
 Total:  $350,000
Exhibition (The)  Jove Pictures Inc.  BC  Digital Media  $171,500
 Television  $29,150
Total:  $200,650
Fly Colt Fly      Barefoot Bandit Productions Inc.  TOR Digital Media  $44,000
Television  $250,000
Total:  $294,000
Hue  Honalee Productions Inc.  BC Television  $89,194
Indie, with Child   Les Productions Catbird Inc.  MTL Digital Media  $25,000
Television  $230,300
Total:  $255,300
Lost Highway (The)  Insurgent Project 1 Ltd.  TOR Digital Media  $24,976
Television  $147,000
Total:  $171,976
Mirror Mirror     Dark Lullabies Inc. (dba DLI Productions)  MTL Television  $180,000
My Astronomers  Inigo Films Inc.  TOR Digital Media  $36,873
Television  $250,000
Total:  $286,873
Pyongyang Express  Zarathustra Films Inc.  TOR Digital Media  $34,045
Television  $222,104
Total:  $256,149
Rise Again   Diatribe Pictures Inc.  TOR Digital Media  $82,000
Television  $257,178
Total:  $339,178
Waiting Room (The)   Périphéria Productions Inc.  MTL Television  $25,000
When Jews Were Funny  Sudden Storm Entertainment Ltd.  TOR Television  $211,511
When the Trumpet Sounds  Parabola Films  MTL Digital Media  $12,000
Television  $80,000
Total:  $92,000
Number of POV projects:  16  Total Commitments:  $3,354,000


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