12th July 2011

Ortsbo Accelerates User Engagement On Azure

ortsboIntertainment Media Inc. has announced that its social media, real time, experiential translation platform Ortsbo generated over 68 Million minutes of user engagement for the second half of June 2011 along with 12.8 Million Online Sessions, 53 Million Page Views and 9.6 Million Unique Users in only 15 days from June 15thto June 30th. This represents a significant increase to the previously reported numbers, as Ortsbo has made the initial transition to Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform, providing a Cloud environment allowing virtually unlimited technology growth opportunities.

Over the past 45 days, Ortsbo has been transitioning its systems to the Cloud to provide a more robust user experience and will continue through Summer 2011 to improve the services. To date, these improvements have increased the speed and access to the Ortsbo platform allowing users to spend more time engaged in the experience. During the initial overhaul process, Ortsbo suspended number reporting, as it rebuilt and retooled the entire system. On a go forward basis, the reporting of metrics is expected to be twice a month.

“The move to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure has allowed Ortsbo to accelerate growth and we are seeing the results immediately,” said David Lucatch, President of Ortsbo and CEO Intertainment Media.

Intertainment has acquired rights to a United States patent application with respect to the automated translation within a browser in consideration for a payment of $200,000. The company has taken over all the rights associated with the patent application as well as any derivatives thereof. The vendor will receive additional payments upon the issuance of the patent and any continuation or continuation-in-part claiming priority from the patent application. In addition, the vendor will be entitled to receive 10% of any licensing revenue generated in connection with the patent.

“We believe that the acquisition of the patent application and the associated rights will further strengthen Intertainment’s portfolio in the area of automated online translation and communication,” commented Lucatch.

Ortsbo has appointed New York based translation industry veteran Mr. Matthew Grotenstein to lead global business development and partner acquisition. Mr. Grotenstein brings over 10 years experience growing businesses in the communications, social media, and management consulting space. Most recently, Mr. Grotenstein led US Business Development for CLS Communication, one of the world’s largest language translation providers.

“We are excited to have Matt onboard to lead our global commercial business development and partner programs as he brings a wealth of industry knowledge and relationships to the Ortsbo team,” said Lucatch. “We are eager to combine our current successes with Matt’s industry leadership. His first objective will be to monetize the brand across a commercial landscape.”

Together with the recently integrated Commobility team, Ortsbo has upgraded a number of technology parameters allowing the company to update its previously filed mobile version of Ortsbo for the Apple iPhone. Ortsbo to Ortsbo, or “O2O”, for which a patent has been applied for, is nearing completion for application and commercialization through Apple iTunes.

Recent upgrades to the Ortsbo platform have resulted in a streamlined process for mobile implementation. Together with its pilot for the Apple iPhone, Ortsbo is now piloting an Android version of its Ortsbo applications with other system applications expected through Summer 2011.

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12th July 2011

EFT Canada to Acquire Credit Card Gateway

eft canadaEFT Canada Inc. has announced that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire the technology assets of privately held, Toronto-based Linterna Technologies Ltd. (“LTL”) for a total purchase price of $650,000. The acquisition is expected to close on August 19th, 2011 and is subject to certain customary conditions, as well as the completion and signing of a definitive agreement and approval by the TSX Venture Exchange.

LTL operates mainly as an electronic transaction processing consulting firm specializing in operational processes, banking relationships and fraud related controls. The java based software provides its users a web-based point of sale interface that merchants can utilize to accept server to server credit card transactions and the ability for a variety of mobile e-wallet options. In addition, the technology has a built in rules based fraud detection system that is integrated with a number of third-party services that will allow EFT Canada to expand its product offering beyond just financial transactions.

EFT Canada will pay LTL for its technological assets, namely the credit card processing gateway, a total of $650,000 by way of $325,000 in cash, of which $125,000 is due on the closing date, and $325,000 payable in common shares of EFT Canada. The remaining cash payment of $200,000 is due on the twelve month following the closing date, subject to delay and reduction if operating targets are met.

Common shares of EFT Canada issued to LTL will immediately be held in escrow and released in three equal installments following months 6, 12 and 18 following the closing date.

In addition to the purchase price, LTL will be paid by EFT Canada $0.05 per credit card transaction processed for a period of three years following the closing date. Such payments shall not to exceed an aggregate of $330,000.

On the closing date and as part of the agreement, James Watt, a principal of LTL, will enter into a two year consulting agreement with EFT Canada. Further, EFT will be creating and filling two new employment positions to support the new credit card gateway platform.

SMEs are increasingly using internet based services to manage their businesses and there is a growing demand for cost effective and secure transaction processing services, coupled with high levels of support. The acquisition of the LTL credit card gateway technology is an important step in fulfilling EFT Canada’s vision to provide a business solution to SMEs which enables them to transact in EFT’s, debit and credit card transactions. EFT Canada believes the acquisition will allow it to significantly increase gross revenues.

Once the acquired asset has been integrated, in addition to electronic funds transfer, EFT Canada will be able offer its client base of over 800 SME’s, credit card processing services.

Jonathan Pasternak, President of EFT Canada, commented: “The technology being acquired from Linterna, represents an important part of EFT’s vision to place under one umbrella organization all services needed by our merchants to process electronic payments. Moreover, we anticipate excellent long-term value and shareholder appreciation in the combined entity”.

EFT Canada has not entered into any definitive financing arrangements at this time and believes it will be able to complete the acquisition using existing capital resources.

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12th July 2011

triOS College Bursary Blitz Across Ontario

trios collegetriOS College has announced the kick-off of its annual 241 Pizza Fresh Start Scholarship. Interested students can instantly receive a $500 scholarship towards their tuition to triOS College. Over 3,000,000 homes across Ontario will receive the flyer or participants can pick one up at any 241 Pizza location. Students can use this bursary towards triOS College Diploma programs in the Business, Law, Technology and Healthcare industries.

“At triOS, we have always had a strong commitment in supporting the communities that we are a part of,” says Stuart Bentley, triOS College President. “triOS gives individuals the opportunity to restart their lives and get into careers they have always dreamed of. This bursary will open doors for individuals considering career training and give them some financial assistance to get a head start on the next chapter in their lives.”

triOS College offers major benefits for those that want to train for a specific career. Compared to other colleges, triOS offers year-round starting points so students don’t have to wait until September or January to join, triOS has shorter hours of instruction so students can work part-time while they study, programs are shorter in length so graduates can get into the workforce faster, internships are included in most programs and at triOS, students receive substantial career services assistance to prepare them for obtaining a career with their field.

Citytv, Kiss FM and 241 Pizza are glad to be partnered with this bursary program that will help to improve lives for those considering training in Ontario. “It is our pleasure at 241 to be joined with an educational institution that will train and position individuals into the working world,” says Peter Lepidas, Marketing Manager for 241 Pizza.


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12th July 2011

New App Offers World’s Largest Library of 360-Degree Videos

immersive mediaImmersive Media Company has launched im360/im360 Lite, the first iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app that lets consumers watch amazing 360-degree videos on their mobile devices, using the touch screen or motion-control feature to manage what they see. Viewers have access to the world’s largest library of 360-degree videos available today. Whether it’s base-jumping in Malaysia, or exploring the Vegas Strip, im360 ($1.99) and im360 Lite (free, ad supported) allows users to direct the action and take control of their viewing experience.

With the app, viewers select from a diverse set of videos in the online library that they can download to put themselves in the middle of the action. As each video plays, they can move the video up and down, pan left and right, and zoom in and out to see everything in the scene as if they are actually there.im360

“With im360, everyone can be an armchair adventurer. If you’ve always wanted to surf the world’s biggest waves or explore the Chicago Art Institute, you can do it all from your iPhone or iPad,” said Myles McGovern, CEO, Immersive Media. “This is the same cutting-edge technology we’ve provided to the Black Eyed Peas for their BEP360 app and to ABC.com for the Oscars, among many others such as NBC, CNN and Google. It is disruptive and addictive technology that really demonstrates the interactive power of mobile devices.”

Videos include content in the following categories: Arts & Entertainment, City Highlights, Helicopter Tours, Museums & Science, Nature & Wildlife, News & Events, Parks & Gardens and Sports & Action.

The currently available videos include Red Bull’s extreme sports competitions; helicopter tours over Alcatraz, the Vegas Strip, Los Angeles and Chicago; footage from Northstudio360 of the June 15 Vancouver riots; tours of leading museums, zoos and botanical gardens; and much more. Future upgrades will enable access to live, streaming videos of concerts, sports events and other real-time content.

Two versions of the app are available for download on iTunes: im360 Lite is free with ads; the ads-free im360, which costs $1.99, offers users the ability to use Immersive Media’s publishing tools to view their own images in 360 degrees. Both versions come with a “View in 3D” setting that allows viewing the 360-degree videos in 3D as well. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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12th July 2011

N-able Technologies Aligns With IBPI

n-able technologiesN-able Technologies has announced an alliance with International Business Products, Inc. (IBPI), a buying group that focuses on copiers, printers, accessories, supplies and services for the U.S. market. Effective immediately, N-able’s N-central 8 RMM platform and complementary toolsets can be purchased by IBPI members, as part of the organization’s growing portfolio of technology products from top manufacturers.

“Many copier and equipment vendors are incorporating managed IT services into their services portfolio to avoid commoditization and generate new, recurring revenue streams,” says Randy Horshok, executive director, IBPI. “Managing the equipment they sell and servicing it remotely is a logical next step for our members and will strengthen their existing customer relationships and give way to new business and technologies. N-able’s reputation as a managed services innovator, along with its hybrid licensing model and cost-effective solutions, represent an excellent choice for IBPI members looking to provide higher-value services to their client base.”

As part of the new alliance, N-able and IBPI will provide the technology, resources and expertise required by IBPI members to establish recurring service revenue streams, help customers reduce IT service costs and increase customer satisfaction by offering proactive managed services in a cloud, SaaS (software-as-a-service) or an on-premise model.

“Through IBPI, we’re extending our reach into a new customer base and bringing the value of managed services to a new audience of business owners,” says JP Jauvin, president and chief operating officer for N-able Technologies. “We look forward to engaging with IBPI and building long-term success with its members.”

IBPI’s membership is composed of nearly 300 independent commercial copier and print dealers located throughout the U.S. Formed in 1987, IBPI is focused on negotiating deep discounts and quality rebate programs with the industry’s top manufacturers and service providers. By combining the buying power of its members, IBPI is able to provide pricing that historically was reserved for the biggest players, and pass those savings on to the member dealers. The organization’s services enhance member companies by enabling them to retain their identity and independence in their respective marketplaces.

Launched in May, N-central 8 offers the industry’s most advanced remote IT automation technology and business-oriented support services. Through use of the software, MSPs and IT professionals can remotely manage and effectively support up to 750 devices per technician.


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12th July 2011

JobServe.ca Introduces Job Branding Solutions for Recruiters

jobserveJobServe.ca has introduced job branding solutions to assist customers with their employment branding initiatives. Available to all customers free of charge, these value added services enable recruiters to display their company logo on their job postings. Recruiters can further highlight their brand through a banner advertisement appearing on top of their job details page and within the Recruiter Directory. Job branding services can be easily configured and managed through the customer’s account.

Les Powell, General Manager Product & Service Delivery, commented, “At JobServe we have always taken pride in providing the best possible user experience to our candidates and continuously seeking ways to provide value added services to our customers. Candidates performing job searches on JobServe will now see company logos displayed alongside job search results. This branding will be carried forward into the job description pages allowing candidates to quickly identify the company recruiting and in turn complement the employer’s employment branding initiatives.”

Explaining how recruiters can setup their logos, Powell continued, “For recruiters, getting their branding on JobServe is very easy. Recruiters may log into the website and upload their branding through their account configuration/settings page. Once checked, the logo will then be put live and will display against search results and job descriptions.”

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12th July 2011

Lenovo to Install Lingo Media Software on Computers in China

lingo mediaLingo Media Corporation and Lenovo have signed a Custom Software Business Partnership Agreement which provides for a custom version of Lingo Media’s English language learning software to be installed on millions of Lenovo computers sold in China.

Under the terms of the agreement, Lenovo will promote, distribute, and resell Lingo Media’s software, primarily by pre-installing a custom version on Lenovo’s popular Think-branded commercial PCs and Idea-branded consumer PCs. Online marketing, joint promotional activities and other marketing activities are underway between the two companies.

The new custom learning product will be a Lenovo branded version of Lingo Media’s ELL Technologies English Basic software. Each individual who purchases a Lenovo computer will have the opportunity to take three free lessons on a trial basis. Upon completion of the trial offer, the customer will have the opportunity to purchase the full course for a Lenovo promotional price of 200 Yuan RMB ($29.00). The profit potential is significant, and will become progressively stronger with the launch of custom versions of English Intermediate, Advanced, Master and the Business courses – in future phases of the partnership.

“This is a significant and very lucrative agreement for both Lenovo and Lingo Media with great profit potential as China continues to focus on teaching and learning English. We are pleased to partner with the largest computer manufacturer in China and deliver our product on their platform,” said Michael Kraft, President & CEO of Lingo Media. “The combination of Lenovo’s brand and Lingo Media’s ELL Technologies’ proven solutions will result in a rewarding learning experience for millions of Chinese computer users. We expect to generate significant revenue from the partnership, which represents another major milestone in the growth of our company as we pursue our mission of, Changing the Way the World Learns English. This deal comes at a time when Lenovo is expanding dramatically in the Chinese computer market and the demand for English grows daily.”

Jeff Chai, Director of Software & Content Services, Product Group of Lenovo,  added that “We believe we have found the ideal partner in Lingo Media to enhance our customer needs as the demand for English expands rapidly in China. In today’s market, installing practical, cost-effective software applications like those created by Lingo Media’s ELL Technologies for Lenovo consumer and SMB notebook models, ensures that we address and continue to meet our customers’ needs. With Lingo Media as our partner, we will demonstrate that Lenovo is the leader in offering customers new choices. Lingo Media has a long record of success in China. They know how to meet the needs of people — from school children, to university students, to employees — who want to enhance their incomes by becoming proficient in English as China emerges as an economic super-power in the global economy where English is the main language of business.”

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12th July 2011

Oxford University Press Selects Desire2Learn Learning Suite

desire2learnDesire2Learn UK Ltd. (Desire2Learn), today announced that after an extensive review process, Oxford University Press (OUP) has chosen Desire2Learn® Learning Suite, better placing OUP to deliver its English Language learning resources to customers across the world. Many aspects of the Desire2Learn Learning Suite will aid with this goal, including

- Learning Environment

- Learning Repository

- ePortfolio

- Analytics

“It is extremely important that our customers can access ELT courses anytime, anywhere,” explained Ernst Kallus, Digital Media Director, English Language Teaching, Oxford University Press. “The Desire2Learn solution offers great flexibility and ease of customization, and enables us to integrate and optimize our Learning Management Systems. We look forward to being able to attain new levels of global reach as well as an enhanced customer experience.”

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with OUP, given their position as one of the global leaders in the provision of educational resources,” commented John Baker, President, Desire2Learn. “Our Desire2Learn Learning Suite will allow Oxford University Press to offer their customers content with increased efficiency and enhanced scalability, shortening response times, and bolstering the delivery of educational resources to institutions and organizations around the world.”

OUP will run a pilot programme in 2011, with a view to launching a global offering in 2012.

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12th July 2011

Clickfree Introduces C6 EASY Imaging

clickfreeClickfree has announced the immediate availability of Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging, the first Total Computer Backup product that makes it easy to back up and restore everything on a PC including personal files (photos, videos, music, emails, spreadsheets, illustrations, documents, and 500+ other types), software programs and the Windows®operating system.

Designed for non-technical consumers and small business owners, Clickfree has taken the difficult process of backing up and restoring virtually everything on a computer and made it effortless.

To perform a full image backup, just plug the Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging drive in to the computer’s USB port, and Clickfree’s Patented EASY Run™ will automatically launch and back up everything on the computer. If a clickfree c6 easy imagingcomputer crashes due to a software malfunction or virus attack, EASY Fix™ will restore all the personal files, software applications and the operating system.

“Up until now, PC users have had to compromise between backing up only part of their computer with regular file based backup system, or trying to figure out how to use a complex imaging product to backup their entire computer,” said Ian Collins, founder of Clickfree. “Clickfree combines its EASY Run technology with imaging capabilities, resulting in a no-compromise solution for total computer protection that is unparalleled in its ease-of-use.”

Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging takes a different approach to an image backup than other products. Current solutions combine personal files, software programs and the Windows operating system into one. Clickfree categorizes the user’s personal files as one category, and the software programs and Windows operating system as another. This provides the ability to repair only the portion of the backup that has been lost or damaged. Read the rest of this entry »

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12th July 2011

Zylog Canada Announces WebLogic to JBoss Migration Solutions

zylogCompanies constrained by rising costs of license fees are rapidly turning to Zylog for help to migrate to lower cost Red Hat JBoss middleware solutions. A growing number of companies have made the transition from Oracle WebLogic to Red Hat Enterprise Application Platforms. The industry is quickly turning from traditional proprietary and heavyweight offerings that are notorious for complex, large, and expensive installations. JBoss leads the way to faster restarts, easier debugging, and proven technology for server and configuration management, performance monitoring and diagnostics, application provisioning and automation.

Companies investigating the total cost of ownership have quickly learned the rapid return on investment for migrating to JBoss. Some license fees and support costs for other legacy middleware products have risen as much as 70%. The transition to JBoss typically covers the costs for migration in the first year.

JBoss provides a proven foundation for mission critical applications that require superior performance and scalability. JBoss includes an application framework that simplifies building Web 2.0 applications. JBoss provides a process engine to create and automate business processes that coordinate people, applications, and services. The JBoss open source business rules management system enables easy policy and rules development, access, and change management.

Companies are turning to JBoss for total cost of ownership, significant return on investment with short payback period, reduced ongoing operational costs, improved IT productivity and time to market, and improved ability to consolidate virtualization. Zylog migration services enable companies to achieve these goals faster, at lower cost, and with dependable delivery.

Zylog contracted consulting services are immediately available to assist with installation, migration, and maintenance. Contact Zylog to find out more about options to reduce license costs, preserve budget, and keep pace with evolving technology.

Zylog has more than fifteen years of experience in providing migration services for esteemed clients worldwide. These services are now available in Canada, supported by Zylog offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

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