7th January 2010

The Latest in Mobile Computing

Newspaper DirectVancouver – Only days after announcing PressDisplay.com support for the Sony and Kindle devices, NewspaperDirect Inc., the world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine distribution, announced that PressDisplay.com is available for mobile phones running the Google Android mobile operating system, including Google’s latest handset, the Nexus One.

Starting today, PressDisplay.com subscribers can point the Web browser on their Android phone to www.PressDisplay.com and enjoy any of the more than 1,400 local, national and international titles currently available on the world’s largest online newspaper and magazine kiosk. Unlike other news aggregation sites, which provide a limited sample of free news stories from an assortment of news sources, PressDisplay.com offers full-content newspapers and magazines in an intuitive digital format that replicates the printed edition.

PressDisplay.com has also been optimized for Android, making it extremely easy to browse and read entire publications, including all images, cartoons, puzzles, and even advertisements. Navigational controls and gestures such as tables of contents with sections, zoom and pan, and page scrolling are supported. Other advanced features include full graphics and text views, auto-jumps that link articles spanning different pages, cross-title search, article sharing, commenting, text-to-speech, and access to back issues.

PressDisplay.com is popular with consumers who want access to multiple news sources, and corporate customers who need to monitor printed media for business-critical news. With more than 1,400 full-content digital replicas of newspapers and magazines from 93 countries in 44 languages, the website is also the standard in more than 2,500 libraries worldwide. Some of the prestigious titles from around the world available on PressDisplay include The Washington Post, USA Today, Toronto Star, National Post, The Guardian, International Herald Tribune, Daily Mail, Irish Independent, L’Equipe, Il Giornale, Iltalehti, Bangkok Post, Kommersant, and De Volkskrant.

“We believe in giving readers what they want: their favorite publications, in their entirety, presented in a familiar, intuitive format, wherever readers are, and on whichever device they prefer,” said Alex Kroogman, CEO of NewspaperDirect. “And, in addition to providing the broadest range of distribution choices for our customers, we offer a proven paid content business model to our publishers — at no operational cost to them.”

Effective immediately, publishers of the hundreds of private-label SmartEdition newspapers powered by PressDisplay technology can offer their subscribers their e-editions on Android devices. Whenever PressDisplay.com supports a new device, it is also made available to NewspaperDirect’s publishing partners for their own SmartEditions.

IMSWaterlooIntelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS), a world leader in telematics and mobile media solutions announced today the upcoming availability date of XTop Mobile. XTop is a Smartphone and PC downloadable application that seamlessly leverages the internet connectivity from your Smartphone, enabling you to surf the web and open attachments on your laptop/PC immediately after they arrive on your Smartphone. With XTop, you never have to search for a WiFi hotspot again. XTop will be available through several leading content portals and wireless carriers by March 31st, 2010.

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7th January 2010

Funcom Canada Leader Named and Scrap Metal Goes To CES

funcomMontrealFuncom is delighted to announce a key nomination for its newly established Montreal based company, Funcom Games Canada. The award-winning Miguel Caron – who brings with him over 15 years of organizational leadership experience – has been appointed to serve as the CEO for Funcom Games Canada Inc.

“We are thrilled to have Miguel join us at Funcom,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “Our Montreal based Company is central to a string of new business initiatives in Funcom, both in the high-end MMO space and in the casual MMO space. Mr. Caron will be

Miguel Caron

Miguel Caron

instrumental in developing and expanding those initiatives. We have already found Quebec and Montreal to be an excellent location for business and we look forward to further expand our operations here under the leadership for Miguel.”

Miguel Caron has a proven track record of driving strong, sustainable revenue and productivity gains within highly competitive national and global markets. Mr. Caron will take on leadership of several strategic initiatives for Funcom, in several different areas of the exciting MMO games segment. One of his first mandates will be to lead the growth in employees at the Montreal company.

“Funcom is renowned for quality productions such as ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’ and the ‘Longest Journey’ series. I have found its management team to be extremely competent, which is of course a key aspect of being successful in such a competitive market. I look forward to bringing my business experience to help that management team generate even more value to all Funcom stakeholders,” stated Miguel Caron, the newly appointed CEO of Funcom Games Canada.

Mr. Caron has led successful public and private businesses such Lyrtech Inc. He was instrumental to the growth of many high-tech companies and won many awards like the Arista price for best young entrepreneur of the year for mid and large size company as well as the Deloitte Canadian Fast 50.

Funcom is a world leading independent developer and publisher of online games, and was founded in 1993. There are currently over 300 talented individuals from over 35 different nationalities working at Funcom, spread out across offices in Norway, China, Switzerland, Canada and the US. This makes Funcom one of the most multi-cultural game development studios in the world. The company is responsible for multiple award-winning titles such as the ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’ and ‘Anarchy Online’ MMOs, as well as the ‘The Longest Journey’ and ‘Dreamfall’ adventure games.

Slick EntertainmentVancouver – Independent development studio Slick Entertainment, best known for its work on the award-winning N+ for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, announced today that it would put the pedal to the metal at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with its newest gaming creation, Scrap Metal™. A certified Scrap Metal™ demoist at Microsoft’s CES 2010 location (Booth #7144, Central Hall) will offer tech journalists and gaming enthusiasts alike the opportunity to check out the new racing title Scrap Metal Gameexpected to launch on Xbox LIVE. Arcade this spring. Registered press and other attendees are invited to stop by the booth at any time, although guaranteed media appointments can be scheduled by contacting Carolyn Carnes of Flash Fire Communications.

Drift around corners with guns blazing and take out legendary competitors in the fast-paced, top-down racer, Scrap Metal™! Fight your way through explosive, action-packed missions and defeat cunning bosses to add their vehicles to your garage. Customize newly-acquired cars and return to the track to blast through more enemies. Then, jump online with Xbox LIVE® to race against friends and crush their cars with the wheels of a massive monster truck in pulse-pounding online multiplayer matches.

Goals On TrackLangleyGoalsOnTrack.com has just announced a 2010 New Year release version which can help you better set, track, and reach personal and professional goals. Using GoalsOnTrack.com’s simple, attractive web 2.0 style interface, people can set goals just about anything they want, from staying fit, to landing a job, to buying a home, or traveling around the globe. GoalsOnTrack.com can help you easily create a S.M.A.R.T. based goal, and then keeps you focused and on track with user-defined supporting tasks or action steps. By consistently adding and completing these tasks, the web site keeps track of your real progress on the goal, and you will be motivated to see the result of your effort toward accomplishing your goals. Beyond that, GoalsOnTrack has just released a rich set of features, such as vision board, habits tracker, etc.

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7th January 2010

Messages From The Moon And Other Strangeness

Smoking GunVancouver – Taking Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) one giant leap further, Smoking Gun Interactive has sent players and radio and space enthusiasts a message from the Moon, which you can listen to right here.Smoking Gun Interactive Image 7

The gaming community at Smoking Gun Interactive’s “X” online experience at exoriare pulled off a world first over the holidays, as their efforts to probe deeper into forbidden mysteries actually led them off-planet for the first time in gaming history. A generation ago, communication with the moon was the sole province of NASA. Now, with “X”, the amateur enthusiast community has planted their own flag, using extra-planetary transmissions as part of an interactive gaming experience.

For a two-week period ending with the New Year, amateur radio dishes around the planet tuned Foragerin, attempting to pick up a series of scheduled signals being broadcast live from the moon that would hit most locations on the planet over the course of the broadcasts. The lunar transmissions came as a climax to a unique online game experience called an alternate reality game that started with a graphic novel but soon had readers becoming players, as part of a resistance effort against a global conspiracy dating back thousands of years. Guided by mythology and ancient temples, players hacked into X_Page02government surveillance systems and satellites in a desperate attempt to find a missing NASA scientist and uncover the truth behind humanity’s existence on earth.

The Message from the Moon brought a climax to the first chapter of Smoking Gun’s “X” universe, but the message itself suggests that there is much more to come in these “final days of the Age of Man”. Referencing Egyptian obelisks, pyramids, and other symbols of Freemasonry, the message warns that humanity is ruled by a group of “Watchers” who “sit in our high places”. The truth about these groups has been lost, buried and forgotten, and humanity’s only hope is that the coming war will reveal “the Truth”. This is the first time in history an entertainment company has actually used and incorporated a message from space into the plot of a story, as a means of adding depth to the game experience.

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