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1st July 2009

Biz Books Announces Directing and Cinematography Workshop

Biz BooksVancouverBiz Books is offering a rather unique opportunity to learn the art and craft of directing and cinematography from two of the best filmmakers in the film industry.biz books workshop

Course Details
This 2-Day Directing and Cinematography Course with multi Emmy award winning director/cinematographer/producer, Michael W Watkins, featuring Emmy nominated cinematographer, Joel Ransom, will be an information filled and inspiring weekend for both novice and professional filmmakers.

In this seminar, attention will be focused on how director and cinematographer work together toward a goal in creating the ’Moment’ through exploration of scene visualization, actor staging, camera blocking, positing and movement, camera/actor choreography, color, lighting, shot size, lens choice to, ultimately, express the director’s vision for the overall look of the film.

The workshop will be beneficial to professional and amateur directors alike — film enthusiasts, cameramen, corporate and home video entrepreneurs. The course will also suit actors who want to establish their directing career.
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1st July 2009

Japan Prize Sends Out Call For Entries

Japan Prize 2009Tokyo – via notice from DFAIT – Japan Prize is now accepting entries for the 2009 contest and also participant registrations for CrossMedia Forum.

The Japan Prize was established in 1965 by NHK as International Educational Program Contest with the aims of improving the quality of educational programs around the world and contributing to the development and fostering of international understanding and cooperation.

Keeping these original aims, in 2008, Japan Prize reformed its content and now targets not only TV programs but also other linear contents, websites, educational games, and other interactive
products with audiovisual contents. This was to cope with circumstances facing educational media including the diffusion of information-communication technologies, the initiation of digital broadcasting and the spread of the Internet in the field of education worldwide.

We would like to further promote the Japan Prize in the game industry to receive more entries with high educational effects. Please feel free to explore our website to discover whether your productions may qualify for these prestigious awards. For more detailed information about entries, please see the rules for the Audiovisual Division on the Japan Prize site.
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1st July 2009

Aftercad Announces Signup for the 3D Workspace Beta

AfterCADVancouverAftercad Software is pleased to announce the Beta signup for its ground breaking 3D Workspace for collaboration in Digital Prototyping and Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects.

The Aftercad 3D Workspace is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that allows businesses to upload, view, mark-up, manage and publish large and complex 3D CAD files onto the web, without the need for proprietary viewers, providing easy and instant access to 3D project information by non-CAD professionals.

“With the development of the 3D Workspace Beta we have achieved our goal of bringing a complete online file system to our customers so that they can collaborate on all project documents including stunning 3D visuals,” said Chris Boothroyd, CEO of Aftercad. “The goal of the 3D Workspace is to quickly centralize, visualize and annotate what it is you are trying to build so that your clients can come to decisions faster and easier. Each 3D Workspace has its own secure online file system, event notification and sharing tools so that you can easily invite clients or partners to collaborate with you on a 3D project.”
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1st July 2009

Multicamera Made Even Easier With PluralEyes Update

Singular SoftwareVancouverSingular Software Inc. has released a beta update for PluralEyes™ 1.1, a companion application for Final Cut Pro that automatically synchronizes audio and video clips without the need for timecode. Targeted at the independent video professional, PluralEyes™ drastically simplifies multicamera and dual-system audio productions, both during recording and in post-production.

PluralEyes™ determines synchronization information from audio that is already present in the recorded material. During the shoot, there is no need to connect cameras and audio recorders or take any other pluraleyesspecial steps to prepare. And when shooting is done, the creative editing process can get started right away without the time-consuming step of matching clips manually. This removes the biggest bottlenecks in both production and post-production.

Since its release in April of this year, PluralEyes has been used by hundreds of video professionals and their feedback has been incorporated to make PluralEyes™ work better than ever for productions like weddings, live performances, music videos, reality TV, and indie films.
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