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8th September 2014

New Ottawa Startup Specializes In Secure Data Transmission

xahiveNew Canadian-owned business XAHIVE Corporation, a company that develops new forms of secure social networking platforms, hosted its official launch on August 29, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the National Arts Centre with politicians, government officials, business leaders, professionals, and non-profit organizations in attendance. Guest speakers included Ottawa-Orléans MPP Marie-France Lalonde, President and Founder of the National Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation Betty Aldridge, and other accomplished professionals.

A main focus of the launch was to allow stakeholders to discuss issues related to the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information from technological breaches and the benefits that more secure forms of digital communication, such as the solutions and platforms that XAHIVE specializes in, can provide to society.

“In today’s digital world, incidents of private information being compromised by new forms of technological threats are on the rise. This reality has created the need for the development of more secure ways of sharing personal information with public institutions and professionals. XAHIVE’s new solution of data encryption and transmission is a fantastic example of how this can be achieved,” stated MPP Marie-France Lalonde.

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The launch event also gave the new start up an opportunity to announce that it will be launching a seed round funding campaign using the crowdfunding platform indiegogo effective August 28, 2014. The company is targeting to raise up to US$ 50,000 to undergo content and UI upgrades to the iOS, android, blackberry, web apps, include voice, video and group communication and they hope to reach this goal within the next 2 months.

Company CEO David Mohajer spoke to professionals and entrepreneurs about how the apps are an innovative technology that is set to change how people, businesses and professionals communicate in a secure and private manner with each other. XAHIVE expects to grow investor confidence and widen its customer base. The company decided to go with crowdfunding, Sem Ponnambalam, COO was quoted as saying “we decided to use crowdfunding because we wanted individuals to have the ability to make decisions about what XAHIVE upgrades they want in terms of a secure private communication platform.”

XAHIVE is a social networking platform that is free to use on smartphones and computers. The company has a strong corporate social responsibility, as they are offering FREE licenses to all not-for-profits. It facilitates two forms of communication: public and private. For public communication, XAHIVE enables anonymous communication between people nearby each other. For private messages, it provides a protected form of communication between users by offering endpoint encryption. This allows users to securely share files, photos and messages for free with others locally and globally as long as the device is hooked up to a WIFI connection.

The app includes privacy settings and filters that can be used to restrict what kinds of messages are received, to block certain users and to encrypt messages to prevent interception from third parties. The app is currently available in English and French and will expand to include additional languages by fall 2014.

“With XAHIVE, the various Pancreatic Cancer Canada Chapters (PCC) are able to communicate with each other regarding various events they are organizing, fundraisers, and other PCC related gatherings. We also like the encryption option the free bilingual apps offer as patients/care givers discuss personal health information about procedures. By using XAHIVE we are able to ensure that these discussions remain private and secure across Canada,” stated President and Founder of the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Betty Aldridge.

“As a massage therapist and acupuncturist, patients’ privacy and security is of utmost importance to my profession and practice. I use XAHIVE to send my patient’s information to insurance companies, physicians and other health care stakeholders rather than traditional faxing and mail because XAHIVE mitigates potential data breaches and data mining due to its convenient private and secure encryption features. It is an amazing platform which enables me to communicate in a secure and private manner. I will definitely continue to use XAHIVE,” said professional acupuncturist and RMT Mathieu Beaudette.

Please follow the below links to access the XAHIVE app:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • For Blackberry, visit the XAHIVE site and click on the Blackberry icon.

Visit XAHIVE’s YouTube Channel for instructional videos on how to use the app.

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