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9th October 2013

Power Of 3 Launches Online Mental Health Education Program

mini-orbyStatistics indicate that 1 in 5 people will develop a mental health issue. Mental illness occurs within all ages, education and income levels, cultures and religions. Will it affect your loved one, friend, student, client, employee, co-worker or you? Susan Yeo and Lori Veltkamp are co-founders of Power of 3, a company whose goal is to inspire good mental health and wellness through education, empowerment and energy.  With over 35 years between them in the community mental health field in Ontario, Susan and Lori have been providing support and education to countless individuals and their families.“As Mental Illness Awareness Week is a national campaign designed to focus on the reality of mental illness, we believe this is the ideal time to launch our international mental health education program,” says Veltkamp.  Most symptoms of mental illness begin during adolescence and these symptoms can cause significant impairments at home, at school, in the workplace and in the community. Unfortunately, the stigma of mental illness prevents people from getting appropriate help and treatment, even though there are numerous, successful treatment options available.  Without treatment, the symptoms of mental illness can become more severe and may become more difficult to treat, which is the same outcome if symptoms of a physical illness go ignored. With treatment, a person with a mental illness can lead a productive and fulfilling life.

The online program gives valuable knowledge and insight into mental health issues and is designed for a wide range of audiences including; family members, friends, teachers, health care workers, human resources personnel, and persons living with a mental illness. Christy Bates, M.Sc R.SLP(C), Registered Speech Pathologist, says “The Power of 3 e-learning course provided me with a solid knowledge base of mental health disorders, supports and resources.  I think that anyone that works closely with people would benefit from this course…the better we can recognize and understand our clients’ mental health status, the better we can serve them.  This course provided me with lots of learning in a short amount of time that will positively impact how I view and interact with my clients and their families.”

The program can be completed in approximately 3 hours but the individual can set the pace and schedule, and it can be viewed in the privacy of one’s own home, in an office setting or on a mobile device. The elearning program uses easy to understand language and content is provided within an exciting, multi-media format that includes video, audio and PowerPoint. It provides information on stigma, and signs and symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychosis and schizophrenia. Suzanne Rivard, Health Promotion Specialist says  “This eprogram is the answer…user friendly, interactive, and it facilitates a greater depth of understanding of mental health.”

In addition, causes and theories into the development of mental illnesses including the controversial possible link between marijauna use and psychosis, especially in adolescence, is explored.  The conclusion of the program discusses valuable strategies to support a person experiencing a mental health crisis and offers tips on improving one’s own mental health. Retired psychiatirst, S. Calleia, says “The encouragement to accept the limitations imposed by the condition and not pressure or label the sufferer is excellent…the dangers of drug use was well handled as was the issue of stigma.”

Power of 3 is offering a fall promotion where the program can be purchased for only $79.00 U.S until November 1, 2013 by entering coupon code 0915. After November 1, 2013 the program will be available at a cost of $99.00 U.S.

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    7:54 am on October 9th, 2013

    Power Of 3 Launches Online Mental Health Education Program http://t.co/kELTN2m3F7

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