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24th September 2013

WTFast Paves New Data Highway For Online PC Games

wtfastKelowna’s WTFast has announced the launch of its new data network designed exclusively for massive multi-player online (MMO) gamers and publishers. The WTFast GPNTM (Gamers Private Network) uses proprietary software and a private global data network designed exclusively for the transmission and delivery of game data. Built by a team of passionate MMO gamers, the WTFast GPNTM helps to ensure players around the globe always have the fastest, strongest, smoothest game connection available.

“We wanted to make sure MMO gamers have the best possible game experience, and publishers can deliver the best gaming experience,” said Rob Bartlett, CEO of WTFast. “The game connection is often one of the most important elements in achieving this.”

The WTFast GPNTM uses a downloadable software client that allows gamers to connect to the private network, when they want to play. PC gamers looking to optimize their game connection and experience can test out the program by visiting the WTFast website and downloading the client.

A recent study conducted by leading games industry research firm Newzoo estimates that there are about 400-500 million MMO gamers around the world. With current client-server configurations online game publishers have to set up different servers in different regions to reach these potential players. WTFast is designed for client-server PC games that are connection and latency sensitive. The program boasts proprietary technology with multiple pending patents, and on average WTFast has found the GPNTM can bring 10 to 50 percent improvement to ping, flux, ping deviation and packet loss.

WTFast currently supports more than 800 online games, including League of Legends, World of WarCraft, Diablo III, DOTA 2 and Guild Wars 2. More than 750,000 PC online gamers around the globe have already downloaded and experienced the benefits of the WTFast GPNTM.

“Many players think that latency or ping speed is the only connection issue that can affect the gaming experience, but a game connection is also affected by ping flux, ping deviation and packet loss,” Bartlett added. “These things can lead to irregular game response, missed clicks and even dropped connections. In online games – especially competitive online games – a smooth and non-disruptive connection is a must for full enjoyment, as they are meant to be, and even small improvements can be the difference between a winning and losing move.”

WTFast has a free 30-day trial, and two advanced service levels that range from $5.99-$9.99 a month. For more information on WTFast or to experience the optimized game connection via GPNTM, please visit the product website.

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