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24th July 2013

mpengo Introduces Servicesheet Mobile Service Checklist App

mpengompengo Ltd.™, creator of Apps for the Mobile Professional, introduces mpengo ServiceSheet for everyone in trades who uses service checklists. It’s the latest in the mpengo suite of apps specializing in on-site mobile solutions for service and construction trades and designers. If you are in a service trade business, your work almost always includes running through a checklist of items for customers. Whether you are in HVAC, run a repair business, are an on-site inspector or a car mechanic, or in any of the hundreds of service businesses, mpengo ServiceSheet will make your work easier and improve your customer service.

mpengo ServiceSheet lets you create electronic worksheet checklists tailored exactly to the needs of your business and your customers. Using an iPad ™, those triplicate pads of generic forms are replaced by dynamic check lists which fit your business perfectly. You’ll also reduce the clutter of paper pads and scattered scraps of notes in your truck and office.

Using mpengo ServiceSheet is easy. Answer your questions with a finger tap and include notes and comments anywhere. And with mpengo Ltd.’s unique signature capture, you can even collect electronic sign-off from customers, ensuring you and your customers are satisfied with work well done. Like all other mpengo Ltd. products, mpengo ServiceSheet can be used anywhere your business happens – on-site with a customer or in your garage or workshop. You’ll work faster, your records will be better, and your customers will get neat and clean results sent to their inbox.

mpengo ServiceSheet Features:

  • Create your own list of questions and answers in a check list
  • Include comments along with your answers for your records and your customers
  • Use categories to group questions
  • Collect customer sign off with mpengo’s Signature Capture
  • Print or email a copy of a service check to a client
  • Sync forms with another iPad to easily prepare a new device for the field
  • Backup and restore information to a device and email backups for safekeeping
  • Create reports of activities and of your customers
  • Print or send blank check sheets when needed

It’s the ideal app to use alongside mpengo ServiceCall. Manage the calls with mpengo ServiceCall, and work through the call with mpengo ServiceSheet.

mpengo ServiceSheet, $19.99, is available now from iTunes, as is mpengo ServiceCall. Both Apps are compatible with iPad – mpgengo ServiceSheet requires iOS 5.0 or later, while mpengo ServiceCall requires iOS 4.3 or later. All mpengo Ltd. products are supported by 24/7 email assistance from the mpengo team.


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