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20th June 2013

ACIS Launches Cloud Based Directory Of Canadian Associations

cloud search portalACIS Consulting Inc., a Toronto-based provider of search technology services, has launched a free cloud based interactive Directory of Canadian Business and Trade Associations as a showcase of its Membership Product Promotion Platform (M3P) service offering. The Directory of Canadian Associations is used to search and quickly find associations by name, by location, by category or even by a given topic or search keyword of interest. If a researcher is looking for Vancouver based associations that discuss “environmental services” these can be discovered with three clicks of the mouse.

A journalist looking for the top five associations that represent the mining industry across Canada can find and review their profiles in seconds. The primary users of the directory will be members of the associations industry who are looking to connect with other peers who may be engaged in certain topics of common interest such as common causes, new legislations, HR practices or revenue generation ideas. Service providers to associations would also find this a useful platform to quickly pin-point the right association to connect with.

The directory is always fresh and up-to-date as it is designed to continually crawl the websites of associations that are in its database to check for any updates and reflect any changes to its search index. Unlike the internet search engines such as Google, Bing etc. the search results returned are exclusively from the websites of Canadian Associations. The indexed content is categorized and classified to enable interactive search experience where users can filter and group search results using a few mouse clicks.

“The initial seed list of associations in this free directory is based on the excellent source that is available at Industry Canada and other websites,” said Efrem Habteselassie, CEO and Founding Partner at Cloud Search Portal. “We decided to build a state of the art search platform that mines and categorizes over 2 million pages that are available on the websites of over 800 Canadian associations. We also developed a more intuitive, more interactive search experience and one that showcases the brands and logos of these associations. Our next task is to make this directory more complete by attracting participation of associations that are missing out on the opportunity to be showcased on this directory.”

If your association is not included in the directory, or a correction needs to be made to your organization listing, please contact us by visiting the registration page.


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