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6th June 2013

Nineteen Projects Receive CMF Funding Supporting Diversity Of Voices

Canada Media FundThe Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced today a contribution of more than $7.8M to 19 eligible projects that applied either to the Francophone Minority Program or the Anglophone Minority Incentive.  As the CMF enters its fourth year, it continues to support diversity of voices from a regional, language and point of view perspective by offering financial support to official-language minorities across the country. 

Francophone Minority Program – A total of 13 projects that applied to the Francophone Minority Program received more than $4.8M in the first round of funding.  Since its inception in 2010, the CMF has supported a total of 102 francophone minority projects by providing more than $34.5M. The Francophone Minority Program is designed to encourage the creation of projects that reflect the realities experienced by French-language communities living outside the province of Quebec.

Of the 13 supported convergent projects, four of which have a digital media component, two are from Manitoba, six are from New Brunswick, and five are from Ontario. Three projects are Children’s & Youth, seven projects are Documentaries, and three are of the Variety and Performing Arts genre. A second round of evaluation will take place in the fall for the Francophone Minority Program with a September 24th deadline.

Title Applicant Commitment
BRBR – MN TFO $200,000
BRBR I (1-35) TFO $400,000
Cathédrale de Moncton (La) Améri Ka Productions $144,614
J’apprends avec Mini – MN TFO $200,000
Jumelles (Les) II (14-26) 6399550 Canada Inc. $497,185
Leur vie, notre passion – MN Connections Productions Inc. $33,000
Leur vie, notre passion I (1-8) 643710 NB Inc. $400,000
Mini-TFO I (1-350) TFO $550,000
Motel Monstre IV (66-86) 7882939 Canada inc. $550,000
Motel Monstre IV – MN 7882939 Canada inc. $111,500
Musée pour l’humanité (Un) Les Productions Rivard Inc. $150,000
Opération pêche côtière 653461 NB Inc. $126,500
Pour l’amour du country XII (147-153) 513890 N.B. Inc. $400,000
Pour un soir seulement VIII (85-94) Les Productions Rivard Inc. $400,000
Sceaux d’Utrecht (Les) (1-4) 659666 NB Inc. $379,063
Toutes plumes dehors Productions Toutes plumes dehors Inc. $148,791
Véronic Dicaire Espace Franco-Images inc. $150,000

Anglophone Minority Incentive – A total of 6 projects received $3M as part of the Anglophone Minority Incentive—a new incentive for 2013-2014 designed to encourage English language content creation by production companies in Québec. Of the 6 supported projects, two are Children’s & Youth, three are Documentaries, and 1 is a Drama. The CMF announced last week that the envelope for this incentive is now depleted and that the program is closed for 2013-2014 due to a high demand.

Title Applicant Commitment
19-2 (2-10) Productions 19-2 Inc. $1,000,000
Dog Who Stopped the War 3D (The) LGDT-3D INC $1,000,000
Finding Stuff Out III (30-42) 9117-3112 Québec Inc. $120,559
Licence To Drill IV (21-28) Productions Pixcom Inc. $461,532
Rise of the Machines I (1-10) Handel Productions (ROM) Inc. $343,059
Royals & Animals Kaos Productions Inc. $74,850
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    8:35 am on June 6th, 2013

    Nineteen Projects Receive @CMF_FMC Funding Supporting Diversity Of Voices http://t.co/otGhjCroK5

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