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24th May 2013

Technology For Online Curfews Helps Families Establish Good, Informed Online Habits

soloslogichotspotLogicHotspot, a WIFI Service Provider with proven time control router technology and Safe OnLine Outreach Society (SOLOS), a British Columbia educator of children and parents on internet safety, have combined their specialties to give parents control of their home network and give children and parents up-to-date educational tools to control their online lives. BoundaryBox gives parents the ability to control the access to each device connected to the home network by controlling the network itself – before each device goes online. In addition to allowing the network’s administrator to set time limits for each user, BoundaryBox provides age and audience appropriate educational tips to teach kids how to be safer online.

BoundaryBox supports the development of the skills necessary for kids to successfully and safely navigate the online worlds of today and gives parents the ability to control screen time for each online device by controlling the network itself – before each device goes online. Computers, laptops, game consoles, mobile handheld devices and tablets using the home network are all controlled by easy to use administration settings.

“Rather than monitoring and filtering, which are not effective in defending our children, BoundaryBox provides time limits and informative links tips to educate them to be safer online,” says Merlyn Horton, a former youth worker who founded SOLOS to promote the safe and responsible use of all forms of digital communications and social media through education that is research-based and pro-technology.

BoundaryBox™ gives parents the ability to control all the networked devices in their homes while also educating the whole family about internet safety, reasonable family limits on internet access and other related topics of importance. This technology solves family conflicts over online limits with education and control, not monitoring and filtering.


“While you will ultimately never be able to control what they access on line, we think that a tool to allow parents to control how and when their family access the Internet in their home is one significant tool that CAN make a difference,” added Hans Looman, developer of Logic HotSpot’s WIFI control system.

With a planned Go Live date in September of 2013, BoundaryBox is using Indiegogo to raise capital to develop, produce and launch their innovative product.

Benefits of BoundaryBox™ system:

  • Know definitively that your children are not accessing the internet after they are supposed to be asleep.
  • Establish limits to children’s online time per day without having to negotiate every minute.
  • Internet safety information will appear each and every time you and your children sign in and out of your accounts.
  • This system cannot be bypassed like other filtering systems because it is integrated into the BoundaryBox™ router instead of installed on each individual computing device. There are no apps or software to install.
  • Outside devices cannot access your home network without your approval. You can also set up a separate password protected network for guests and friends that drop over.
  • You will be able to access a separate parent portal that will educate you so you can be a resource to your children navigating their online lives safely and responsibly. Parents, by the way, this is not just about the kids. You will have your own portal that will push current safety issues to you with suggested solutions.  You might even hear about new trends online before your kids do.
  • You can administer and control internet access of all system devices remotely from any internet access location.
  • BoundaryBox™ will give each user time and educational notifications each time they log onto the network.
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    .@logichotspot Technology For Online Curfews Helps Families Establish Good, Informed Online Habits http://t.co/CmsaDRM5Ao

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