28th November 2012

iKnowU Keyboard App Now on Google Play

wordlogicWordLogic Corporation has announced the launch of its brand new iKnowU Keyboard app for Android smartphones and tablets. The iKnowU Keyboard is the result of more than a decade of research and development, creating the most advanced keyboard app available. The app intelligently predicts not just words and phrases, but complete sentences as you type – allowing you to add them with a simple gesture. Not only that; iKnowU actually learns your writing style and preferences as you type, thanks to a learning algorithm that makes the text prediction more accurate the more you use it.

Tests have shown that using iKnowU can be up to seven times faster than using a conventional smartphone keyboard: that means less time and effort, and a productivity boost for business users. The iKnowU app is available to download from the Google Play store for $1.99, with a free time-limited trial version also available. The first iKnowU Keyboard app supports US English and is designed for North American users: more languages will be supported soon.


“We’ve been developing and patenting predictive text technology for over 10 years so we know there isn’t another keyboard app on the market that can match what iKnowU does,” said Mark Dostie, CTO of WordLogic. “We’re really excited to launch our first Android app. Anyone looking for a simple and incredibly effective keyboard app will love iKnowU. In terms of accuracy, speed and ease of use there’s nothing else that can touch it.”

Some of the iKnowU keyboard’s unique and patented features include ‘WordChunking™’, a method of intelligently predicting words based on letters as they are entered as well as chaining them together into accurate phrases while preserving screen real estate and ‘Gesturing™’ which provides a unique and effortless way to choose words and phrases. Every time the user enters information, iKnowU is learning the user’s words, phrases and style of writing and dynamically adapting its predictions to further increase accuracy and speed of entry.

Key Features Include:

  • WordChunking™ – Displays possible predictions allowing you to find the word or phrase you’re looking for quickly and accurately
  • Word and Phrase Prediction – Create whole sentences and phrases in a fraction of the time that you’d normally take to type them
  • Gesturing™ – Enter words and phrases with sub-second input resulting in blazing fast entry speeds with full accuracy
  • Autocorrect – Type fast? No problem our market leading word/phrase corrections will fix your spelling errors.
  • Re-correct – If auto-correct gets it wrong you can swipe across the keyboard to delete it OR choose the green suggestion from the top and iKnowU will learn it as well
  • AutoLearn – iKnowU learns and monitors your style and use of words, adjusting to better predict what you want to type
  • Cloud Sync – Make sure all the words, phrases and writing style information learned about you on one device is synchronized to all your devices using the iKnowU app
  • Smart learn – Predicts names of people & places, email addresses, website & more
  • Right or Left Handed Preference– iKnowU adjusts its actions and displays based upon the setup for either right or left-handed
  • Multi-keyboards & Themes

The smartphone and tablet versions of the app are available now on Google Play in both full and free trial versions:


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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    4:06 am on November 28th, 2012

    iKnowU Keyboard App by @WordLogicCorp Now on Google Play http://t.co/sLOYTHcg

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