17th October 2012

Know The Weather With SkyMotion

skymotionMontreal startup Sky Motion Research Inc. has launched their new app, which gives minute by minute weather predictions on your Android and iOS devices as well as online in your browser. SkyMotion uses a proprietary 2-hour precipitation forecasting technology developed by Sky Motion Research called Nowcasting that automatically tracks and predicts all precipitation in the United States and Canada in real-time using Doppler weather radars and many other real-time weather observations.



Unlike regular weather forecasters, SkyMotion’s precipitation forecasts are based on self-developed technologies and tools. It’s incredibly accurate and helps you make quick day-to-day weather-related decisions.  The SkyMotion app, a product of Scientific & Technical Academy Award Winner Andre Leblanc, is also truly unique in that it offers full North American coverage, is available on AndroidiOS and online, and is totally free.

SkyMotion Features:

  • Updates every 5 minutes – Precipitation clouds, especially thunderstorms, can spawn and disappear without warning. SkyMotion quickly senses these changes and updates its nowcasts every 5 minutes to keep you informed of changes that may impact you.
  • Very short term – We all know from experience that traditional precipitation forecasts can sometimes be very imprecise and impracticable. As a general rule, the longer in advance they try to predict the precipitation, the more inaccurate they will be. SkyMotion achieves maximum precision and accuracy by focusing on the next 2 hours.
  • Very high resolution – Precipitation is often very localized, especially in heavy rain and thunderstorms. Sometimes it will rain where you are while only 1 kilometer away there are clear skies. SkyMotion tracks precipitation at a 1 kilometer resolution, meaning that your nowcast is truly unique and specific to your exact location.
  • Minute-by-minute – SkyMotion nowcasting is precise enough to give you a minute-by-minute estimate of when the precipitation will start and end for your specific location.
  • Summer and Winter – SkyMotion nowcasting automatically detects precipitation type for use throughout the year. It is capable of forecasting rain, snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, mixed and hail.
  • Coverage – SkyMotion is available in both the United States and Canada.

Users can share their location with SkyMotion as well as specify either metric or imperial measurements. When I tested the browser version, the location shared was close but about 20 minutes from where I actually am. I’m sure this was due to the IP reporting for our ISP, and SkyMotion does give the option to give a more specific location using and address, postal code or landmark. We are apparently going to remain dry for the next two hours. If this app is as accurate as it says, then it will definitely be of use to our friends in the film industry – they will know when they have to hurry up those outdoor shots if they don’t want to get precipitated on during a scene.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    1:43 am on October 17th, 2012

    Know The Weather With @SkyMotionInc http://t.co/PdGjgGJC

  2. SkyMotion App (@SkyMotionInc)
    2:53 am on October 17th, 2012

    RT @VillageGamer: Know The Weather With @SkyMotionInc http://t.co/PdGjgGJC

  3. Luc Giguère (@lucgiguere)
    3:00 am on October 17th, 2012

    RT @VillageGamer: Know The Weather With @SkyMotionInc http://t.co/PdGjgGJC

  4. SkyMotion App (@SkyMotionInc)
    3:12 am on October 17th, 2012

    “It will definitely be of use to our friends in the film industry” – VillageGamer Review http://t.co/YBHK6KbX

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