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21st August 2012

Angoss Launches KnowledgeSCORE on Salesforce AppExchange

angossAngoss Software Corporation has launched KnowledgeSCORE on salesforce.com’s AppExchange, the app marketplace for the social enterprise. KnowledgeSCORE is a cloud-based predictive sales analytics solution that identifies your best prospects, prioritizes sales opportunities based on likelihood to close and defines next best actions against those opportunities to significantly increase sales productivity and reduce sales cycles.

Predictive sales analytical modules include prospect scoring, opportunity scoring, next best action and sales forecasting. KnowledgeSCORE is immediately available for test drive and deployment.

Comments on the News:

  • “Angoss has found that every sales opportunity has its own identifiable “Sales Genome” that, when mined and analyzed, can predict likelihood to close,” remarked Martin Galligan, President and CEO of Angoss. “Too much effort is spent on improving lead quality using rules-based or heuristic methods as opposed to improving sales productivity and forecasting. The secret to extracting measureable sales productivity lift is at this critical stage of the sales funnel where the stakes for success are high.”
  • “Angoss, an early pioneer in hosted predictive analytics solutions, is expanding its cloud-based offerings to include predictive sales analytics for Salesforce,” said Bill Sheldon, Chief Solutions Officer. “By compiling and analyzing each sales opportunity and its unique sales markers, Angoss customers have increased sales productivity by up to 20% within one year, achieving rapid time to value and reaping the benefits of industry-leading analytics and seamless CRM integration—without the need for highly specialized human capital or IT investments.”
  • “Predictive analytics can help accelerate sales organizations and unlock value for thousands of salesforce customers,” noted Mike Rosenbaum, senior vice president, AppExchange and Platform Operations. “KnowledgeSCORE is a testament to the power of the Salesforce Platform and AppExchange marketplace for delivering innovative apps that can help companies extend the value of Salesforce to drive business success.”

In this era of big data, KnowledgeSCORE provides rapid data integration from the most comprehensive internal and third party data sources—including structured and unstructured data—to uncover opportunities for improved sales performance.

The cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to operationalize sales productivity improvements into your existing sales management processes and deliver recommended prospects and next best actions directly to your sales team for execution.

KnowledgeSCORE clients experience rapid time to value and reduced IT investment, and enjoy the benefits of Angoss’ industry-leading predictive analytics without the need for highly specialized human capital and technology.

Product Key Features

  • KnowledgeSCORE applies predictive analytics to the most comprehensive data profile for each prospect and opportunity in order to significantly increase sales productivity by having your sales resources focus and take action on your best prospects and opportunities to close more deals and drive revenue growth.
  • KnowledgeSCORE compiles and analyzes the unique characteristics or “markers” for each sales opportunity from myriad data sources and types—including and beyond your Salesforce database—ranging from sales coverage, sales team, salesperson, marketing treatment, web behavior, social media, customer communications, product, price and competitive factors.
  • KnowledgeSCORE uses Angoss’ proven predictive analytics technology and more than 20 years of analytical expertise to score prospects and opportunities.

KnowledgeSCORE is delivered via KnowledgeHUB™, a secure and scalable cloud-based analytical platform that combines best-of-breed predictive analytics technologies with rapid deployment processes and client engagement services in a hosted environment.

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    ?.@Angoss Launches KnowledgeSCORE on @salesforce @appexchange http://t.co/Ec4EeTsA

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