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  • Self Cube Program Helps Smooth Out The Journey For Those Living With ADHD, Autism And Aspergers

20th July 2012

Self Cube Program Helps Smooth Out The Journey For Those Living With ADHD, Autism And Aspergers

The Self CubePeople living with ADHD/ADD, Autism or Aspergers know the frustrations of finding resources, effective forums and even valid recognition of our inner turmoil’s throughout our lifetime. Without support or programs, our lives can be very difficult, much more so than necessary giving the tools available today. The Self Cube Program believes that a quasi-passive approach to support and guidance for those of us living with ADHD/ADD, Aspergers or Autism is another part of the puzzle to a finer picture.

“I feel confident that with a little subtle guidance to help make some minor behavioral changes on a regular and structured basis, is paramount to better living and greater personal successes” said Maurice J Gregoire, inventor of The Self Cube Program. “However one needs to be an active participant in order to create positive and lasting changes that will allow for the champion traits to shine. School, home life, business and public interactions are difficult enough to deal with sometimes; we need to start at the basics of personality and behaviors to enhance the positive traits in a fun and simple manner.”The Self Cube Programme

In 2008, The Self Cube actually started out as the Minute Stretcher, a program to help us be more organized and more productive during the course of a day. After extensive research and implementation, it was discovered that this program excelled at helping Children, Teens and Adults living with ADHD/ADD, Aspergers or Autism to focus and make small, but noticeable changes in personality traits. Above the positive results in the individual, the support team (teachers, parents, medical staff, etc) also find regular guidance on improving personality traits in a small and manageable manner to be very effective. The program is based on several proven techniques of modifying behaviors to increase the potential for personal success in the individual. Among raising awareness, advocacy and our own financial contributions, The Self Cube Program reinforces repetitive positive enforcement of these positive personality traits in a self guided and rewarding manner, without the embarrassment and hovering eyes of the support team.

“Designing the program to enhance positive personal traits with an icon based Self Cube, combined with personal Stress Cue Cards in a fun interactive manner and using time limited on-line brain games, has proven very effective. Adding web technologies such as secure forum discussions, secure user areas, teacher and parent guides along with interactive printable posters and self performance rating systems, we have a very good program to make the journey easier and have fun getting there.” said Maurice J Gregoire. In response to the lack of such a program, The Self Cube Program was developed and is now being made available to individuals, families, teachers, schools and professionals directly or indirectly affected by ADHD/ADD, Aspergers or Autism. The Self Cube Program is available to the individual and/or their support team in an integrated, fun and effective manner.

The Self Cube Program aims to assist the individual to find their own personal champion and “aim all life’s little arrows in a forward and positive direction” instead of bashing along hoping for the best. “After all, we all need a little focus now and then; some of us just need help getting and staying there.” The Self Cube Program uses a self managed program that is overseen by parents, teachers and other support people. Basically, roll the cube, take the card matching the cube roll and work on that trait for that day. With the support of cue identification, trait sensitive posters, a little guidance and the interactive webspace, we get to work on a positive trait in a self guided manner with a rated positive outcome regardless of how successful we were at staying on task. The objective is to win a little at a time.

Participation will guide the program to better present materials and improve interactions with those around us. Through a cube purchase, one can participate in the entire program including forums, personal webspace and community support.

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    2:24 am on July 20th, 2012

    Self Cube Program Helps Smooth Out The Journey For Those Living With ADHD, Autism And Aspergers http://t.co/hbYCU3pp

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