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19th April 2012

Cross-Platform Study Reveals Television Significant to Effectiveness of Online Advertising

movie orbyThe Television Bureau of Canada has announced at today’s invitation-only event TV Day 2012, the results of a comprehensive biometric and eye tracking study, revealing significant cross-platform connections between television advertising and online advertising. The research, presented to the leaders of Canada’s marketing and advertising communities, was aimed at determining if responses to online ads differ when they are primed by exposure to ads for the same brands on TV, Radio, or Newspaper.

Conducted by Innerscope Research, Inc., this new TVB study finds that television advertising creates a significant “priming” effect, making audiences more receptive to online advertising.

“These findings provide valuable and irrefutable evidence that when ad dollars are spent on television in conjunction with online ads, the effect is compounded,” said Theresa Treutler, President & CEO of the Television Bureau of Canada. “Innerscope provides further scientific proof that – now more than ever – money spent on television advertising is money well spent.”

The study looked at the following questions: Is there a synergistic effect across platforms? Are consumers more receptive to online ads if they have been primed by the brand on another platform first?

Results showed the following key findings:

TV as a platform generates a unique emotional uplift that can impact any subsequent online activity*. The exposure to an ad on TV increases the emotional response to Online Ads for the same brand.

  • Percentile Difference of 14 for Online Pre-Roll Ads
  • Percentile Difference of 18 for Online Display Ads

Neuroscience research shows that when individuals are exposed to any stimulus they unconsciously experience emotions first, followed by an array of thought, feelings and actions – all of which are influenced by our initial, subconscious emotions. Innerscope’s precise, objective measurement provides an unbiased look at consumers’ true emotional responses, so that more creative and cost-effective marketing decisions can be made.

Data was collected on over 180 male and female participants as they experienced brand advertising within one of three media platform scenarios, each of which included :

1) Watch a 30-minute episode of The Big Bang Theory on TV, then visit Sympatico.ca, CTV.ca, theglobeandmail.ca, and Chfi.com

2) Read a section of The Globe and Mail newspaper for 30 minutes, then surf online to the same four websites

3) Listen to 98.1 CHFI on the radio for approximately 30 minutes, then visit the websites.

Innerscope biometrically measured consumers’ unconscious emotional responses with its breakthrough Biometric Monitoring System™. These measures were captured with both a lightweight wireless biometric belt that monitors skin sweat, heart rate, respiration and movement and state-of-the-art eye tracking technology.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    3:43 am on April 19th, 2012

    Cross-Platform Study Reveals Television Significant to Effectiveness of Online Advertising http://t.co/6DJW7acr

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