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14th April 2012

ABC Language Solutions Launches Social Media Translation Service for Businesses and Translators

mini-orbyVancouver-based translation and localization services company ABC Language Solutions has announced the introduction of a new social media translation service for businesses and translators. The benefits of localization are being acknowledged by more and more businesses of every shape and size in an ever increasing global market.

Research finds that typically it takes 7-8 touches before a customer buys from a company – and also shows that people are 3 times more likely to buy products or services if information is available in the native language of the target market. Issues of translation are obviously important when it comes to international marketing. Although there are plenty of free online translation sites, such as Google Translate or Babylon, that allow one to cut and paste text and receive an instant translation there are problems associated with using machine translation. Even the best automatic translation systems have difficulty accurately translating the context in which language is used and generally machine translation does not deal well with slang and the sort of abbreviations or text-speak often used in social media.

ABC language Solutions understands translation as well as the unique needs of companies doing business globally. CEO Andrey Bondarenko said the following about this new social media service: “Although machine translation can be good to get a basic understanding of what is being said in another language it is inadequate for the marketing needs of companies doing business globally.


Native speaking translators provide more than accurate translation-they provide the cultural context and knowledge to help a company avoid serious mistakes and image problems. Although a business would not need this social media service for every Tweet or Facebook comment they post the service is ideal to help identify the right social platforms, set up the right services in the target language and build an accurate company profile to create long-term relationships and increase trust in a company’s products and services in the countries where they do business.

A Common Sense Advisory study suggested there could be as much as a gain of $25 for every $1 spent on translation and localization services which is an attractive return on investment in anybody’s language. ABC Language Solutions saw a need and responded with a service designed to help businesses open up new markets and optimize their ROI on international marketing efforts.”

Social media platforms are now pervasive in the lives of many people and that fact makes them an important conduit between a company and its target market. Social platforms offer an ideal means of direct communication and savvy businesses are establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence. ABC Language simply helps companies and freelance translators do it in over 120 different languages.

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