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  • Primus Business Services Launches Cloud Firewall and Disaster Management Protection Technology

2nd March 2012

Primus Business Services Launches Cloud Firewall and Disaster Management Protection Technology

primusPrimus Telecommunications Canada Inc. has announced new investments in two security tools to assist businesses in protecting sensitive data from security breaches and disasters. The PrimusCloud™ Unified Threat Management firewall and PrimusCloud™ Backup are now available nationally to customers who utilize Primus’ Data Centre and PrimusCloud™ services.

“In a recent study of Canadian small and medium business owners and IT decision makers, we found a top concern those polled that is preventing the adoption of cloud computing revolves around security anxieties. With the PrimusCloud™ Unified Threat Management firewall and our PrimusCloud™ Backup, mission critical data is robustly protected from the most mundane to the most severe threats, including natural and man-made disasters, as well as hacking,” said AJ Byers, Executive Vice President of Primus Business Services. “We understand that any interruption to data access can damage a company’s business in the near and long term, and we are committed to bringing our customers the most advanced security solutions available.”

With PrimusCloud™ Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall, PrimusCloud™ Server customers receive the following benefits:

  • Network security: Fully integrated features such as a configurable firewall paired with an Intrusion Protection system, Denial of Service, traffic forwarding and NAT tools and much more.
  • Application security:
    • Email security: Protects users from email abuses including spam, viruses and privacy issues. Through this application, real messages are properly delivered and employees can find what they need without being exposed to damaging content.
    • Web security: Protects employees from threats and allows businesses to apply terms and conditions to where and how employees can spend their time online. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter the network and cause damage. Everything is tracked in detailed reports, allowing for easy customization and adjustments to specific corporate policies.

“Security and backup solutions for the small and mid-market business are usually complex and require a significant amount of time to manage them correctly.  Many companies have no idea if there have been hacking attempts on their network, or if they could even restore from their current backup tapes,” said Matt Stein, Senior Vice President of Network, Technology and Planning for Primus Canada.  “We have built a solution that takes care of all of this and more, made it simple to use, to enable businesses to feel secure in these areas.”

Primus also offers PrimusCloud™ Backup technology, which provides advanced business continuity, data retention and operational efficiencies. This enterprise grade backup solution is available to all Primus Infrastructure clients and offers a completely managed, scalable backup solution for even the most complex data retention needs.  Every minute your business goes without access to your data can give your competitors an advantage.  The PrimusCloud™ Backup solution comes with an industry leading service level agreement to ensure we deliver on our commitment to get you back in business as soon as possible.  Three key benefits of levering the PrimusCloud™ Backup service over any current in-house solution include:

  • Ease of Use:  This is a fully managed service.  Clients simply contact Primus to restore their data — uncorrupted and up-to-date — in the event of an emergency or any sort of business disruption.
  • Scalability: The service is scalable, enabling clients to decide how much data they want to back up — from a few files to their entire server(s).  You pay-as-you-go for the backup you need.
  • Flexibility: Avoid cumbersome and unreliable tape backups.  This service offers flexibility in your backup plan at a cost that keeps your operation running efficiently.
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