5th January 2012

Ortsbo And Variety Form Strategic Partnership

ortsboIntertainment Media Inc. has announced that its social media, real time, experiential communications platform Ortsbo has formed a Strategic Relationship with business entertainment publication Variety. Ortsbo will power Variety conferences, summits and events, allowing entertainment, business and sports professionals global remote access to conference content via Ortsbo’s Live & Global platform beginning with The Variety Entertainment Summit at CES in Las Vegas.

Variety and Ortsbo are offering an exclusive view of this new technology, on an introductory no charge basis. Together, Variety and Ortsbo’s Live & Global platform will provide users with the ability to watch the Summit sessions via an online broadcast video stream with multi-lingual closed captioning, allowing viewers around the world to select their broadcast language of choice. The event at CES® will be available online beginning at 10 am Pacific (GMT -8) on January 11, 2012.

The Variety Entertainment Summit will be the exclusive launch of Ortsbo’s new proprietary service; multi-lingual closed captioning, or Ortsbo’s Language Captioning System, which allows viewers to watch video broadcasts, and also view an accompanying language real time text stream, like closed captioning found on television broadcasts, but in their personally selected choice of over 50 languages. This game-changing proprietary system, which is part of Ortsbo’s Live & Global platform, provides the ability for universal language broadcasting on a global basis, regardless of the native language of the broadcaster, potentially changing the face of ethnic, cultural, sports, entertainment, business and other forms of online, video and television live and pre-recorded broadcast programming.

Once a user reaches the Variety event web broadcast page, the Language Captioning System will default to the user’s pre-set system language. The users can also select the language of their choice from an on-page drop down menu, with continuous live streaming updates. The system will automatically deliver a “real time” effective stream of “closed captioning” in the user’s chosen language.

“We are very excited to be working together with Variety to create new ways for users around the world to attend Variety events regardless of their location or language,” said David Lucatch, CEO of Ortsbo Inc. “The Ortsbo Language Captioning system expands the Ortsbo suite of services and allows broadcasters around the world to engage their audiences regardless of the language that they broadcast in, or the language that the audience speaks providing significant commercial value.”

“It’s critical that Variety constantly evolves how we deliver our content to audiences, who are quickly embracing new platforms and digital experiences,” said Neil Stiles, CEO and President of Variety. “Our partnership with Ortsbo definitely accomplishes this, as we are strengthening the ability for our global audience to benefit from our premier entertainment business coverage.”

Featured speakers at Variety’s Entertainment Summit at CES® include:

  • Keynoter Jonathan Miller, Chairman and CEO of News Digital Media and Chief Digital Officer at News Corp
  • Thomas Gewecke, President of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
  • Ross Levinsohn, EVP of the Americas at Yahoo
  • Matt Jacobson, Head of Market Development at Facebook
  • Lori MacPherson, Head of Global Product Management at Walt Disney Studios
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