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23rd December 2011

New StratPad Plus for iPad Creates Business Plans in Minutes

glassey strategyVictoria’s GlasseyStrategy has announced that StratPad Plus, the second of its iPad products, is now available in the App Store for $9.99 USD. StratPad Plus helps owners and managers of small businesses create a high-quality summary business plan quickly and easily with a unique step-by-step approach.

“Small businesses need an easy and compelling way to tell their stories to bankers, investors and potential partners. A two- or three-page business plan is often all that’s needed. But many small business owners eitherstratpad plus don’t have the time to do it themselves or can’t afford high-priced consultants,” said Alex Glassey, managing partner of GlasseyStrategy. “With StratPad Plus, they can do it themselves quickly, easily and inexpensively.”

The StratPad series of iPad apps was initially launched on December 1st and has met with world-wide success selling in 16 countries and receiving glowing ratings and reviews.

StratPad teaches users about business strategy and planning and then helps them create their own strategy with a step-by-step template. Users can share their strategy with nine high-quality reports including a summary business plan. Other reports include a Project Plan, a Gantt chart, and a detailed Agenda. Reports are prepared instantly and can be viewed on screen, printed wirelessly or emailed as high-resolution PDFs.

New StratPad users will also learn from the three professionally developed sample business plans that come with the product.

Get Started Quickly:

  • Read the strategy tutorial and quickly become familiar with strategy essentials.
  • Review the toolkit for more in-depth discussions.
  • View the sample StratFiles to see professionally crafted strategies.

Create Your Strategy:

  • Follow step-by-step screens to describe your company and its strategy.
  • Quickly create unlimited themes, objectives, metrics and targets.
  • Add the activity and tasks that your team will need to perform.
  • Optionally assign responsibilities, start and end dates, target values and reporting frequencies.
  • Create budgets: revenue, cost of goods sold, expenses, and implementation costs.
  • Work without worry: StratPad automatically saves your information whenever you make a change.
  • Create an unlimited number of StratFiles.
  • Check your progress instantly at anytime.

View, Print, Share and Execute:

  • Choose from 9 automatically created reports (listed below).
  • View reports instantly with a single touch.
  • Print high-res versions of any or all reports directly to your wireless printer.
  • Email high-res PDF versions of any or all reports to yourself and your management team.

Nine Essential Reports

1. Strategy Map – See the key elements of your strategy laid out visually.
2. Gantt Chart – See your key activities and goals on a two-year timeline.
3. Strategy Financial Analysis by Month – Assess the financial impact of your overall strategy.
4. Strategy Financial Analysis by Theme – Compare the financial impact between individual themes.
5. Theme Financial Analysis by Month – Review the financial consequences of individual themes.
6. Theme Detail – See each theme’s details including their objectives, metrics, targets and activity.
7. Project Plan – Evaluate the details of your overall project plan.
8. Agendas – View the details of meeting agendas for the next 12 months.
9. Business Plan Summary – Share your strategy with your bankers and investors with this two-page summary.

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