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3rd November 2011

Radialpoint Launches Next Gen Consumer Services Enablement Platform

radialpointRadialpoint, a provider of white-label Connected Home support and consumer services, today announced it has launched its third generation technology platform. The SaaS based platform enhancements include a greater degree of interoperability, flexibility and revenue potential for consumer technology brands – CEs, MSOs/Telco’s, PC OEMs, and Retailers – so that they can build, manage and deliver consumer technology services to their end-users.

“Radialpoint thoroughly understands the difficulties that technology brands face in building a consumer technology services business. Our End-to-End platform enables us to build and manage consumer services businesses for our technology brand customers that address their end-user frustrations with technology,” said Michael Wexler, VP Business Development and Product Management at Radialpoint. “Our investment in a suite of APIs and SDKs has resulted in a robust and open platform, which makes Radialpoint the only true product and service agnostic provider in the industry that enables the services and business models our customers need to build high revenue, and high margin consumer technology services businesses.”

As CEs, MSOs/Telco’s, PC OEMs and Retailers establish a connected home strategy, they look to Radialpoint to help them bring to market consumer technology services that generate new revenue, increase core business market share and establish preferred brand status in the Connected Home. Radialpoint helps its customers solve consumer technology frustrations, through its robust partner ecosystem, superior technology enabled consumer experience, as well as its unrivalled End-to-End and Open SaaS platform. Radialpoint is the only white-label consumer technology service company that helps technology brands to create deep, trusted, engaged and profitable relationships in the Connected Home.

“Radialpoint has created an integrated ecosystem that delivers a flexible platform to our customers. This flexibility empowers today’s technology consumer services to not become a cost centre, but rather a revenue generator that is flexible, nimble and effective,” said Wexler.

Functionalities of the enhanced Radialpoint platform include:

  • A robust product catalogue that delivers the ability to quickly plug in 3rd party technology and services. This gives our customers the flexibility to use new or existing assets to deliver the most compelling consumer technology services offerings to their end-users. This product catalogue provides the ability to easily evolve services as needs change – without affecting the customer experience. Furthermore, Radialpoint’s product catalogue provides a standard set of high demand consumer services that are integrated within the platform for rapid launch.
  • An upgraded billing platform that can accommodate multi-currency, multi-tax and promotional support (coupons, bundles, upgrades, free trial, etc.). The upgraded billing platform includes open APIs which 3rd party consumer services providers can leverage to enable Radialpoint’s customers to deliver subscription based consumer services.
  • Enhanced Agent Management technology to better support sales agents and technical support agents. Sales agents now benefit from intelligent offer prioritization for sales conversion optimization. Technical support agents now have access to improved consumer connected home telemetry, which includes detailed connected home devices inventory so that they can quickly diagnose issues without posing technical questions to the end-user.
  • The Improved Support Automation technology installed on end-users computers allows for computer health status information to be captured to optimize support workflow, and trigger automated scripts that detect and fix issues.
  • Consumer Dashboard – The Consumer Dashboard is the interface that provides a seamless services experience on different screens and devices. End-users receive a simple and consistent experience across the consumer technology services provided by Radialpoint’s technology brand customers.

“We are very excited about the release of our third generation platform. Now we can better enable our technology brand customers to solve their consumer’s frustration with technology by building and managing consumer technology services businesses that consumers demand,” concluded Wexler.

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