18th October 2011

Field Agent App Launches In Canada

field agentYour kids have always considered you the expert on everything from monsters under their beds to the best way of getting chewing gum out of their hair. Your friends know just who to call when they’re looking for a great new sushi place, or want to price-check a popular item. Thanks to Field Agent, you can apply your expertise to situations just like these (well, monsters notwithstanding) – and help your household bottom line in the process.

Offered free of charge via the Apple App Store, this new service connects companies seeking information on the performance of their products and services in the community with “experts” prepared to answer questions and complete tasks in real-time. Field Agent Canada was officially launched yesterday, on October 17th. The Field Agent US app already boasts over 120,000 users throughout the United States.

Once a company (referred to as a Client) submits a request for information – such as a specific photo of a retail display, or information on sales prices – via the Field Agent website, the request is sent to iPhone users (aka “Agents”) who have installed the app. Agents are asked to respond to the request by collecting and inputting the information directly into the iPhone App. Agents are paid cash for their work. Payments typically range from $3 to $8, in accordance with the degree of difficulty involved, and are credited to Agents via PayPal.

“Ultimately, this new iPhone app pays people while they shop. By having their iPhones handy, they can share information about what they see in stores and in the process earn extra money, ” says Jeff Doucette, General Manager of Field Agent Canada.

“More than ever, the idea of generating a second income is attractive to stay-at-home parents or individuals responsible for the domestic side of a household. This iPhone app is also simple and easy to use which is another advantage for people who are busy and on-the-go.”

Field Agent uses the iPhone’s on-board coordinate tracking tools to ensure Agents are automatically matched to information requests in their communities.

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