6th September 2011

Inspirapps Launches Polltogo

InspirappsToronto start-up Inspirapps Inc. has launched polltogo, a web/mobile application that lets users conduct short mobile polls and receive instant feedback from various audiences, including clients, students, viewers, readers and friends, using their cell phone, smartphone or any internet-connected device.

In addition to offering the classic online polling features, polltogo focuses on real-time interaction and offers a unique, simple way of collecting instant feedback from a target audience without the need for using, installing or renting dedicated voting devices.polltogo

polltogo is a universal tool that can be used within a professional environment, such as at a conference or in customer satisfaction polls, a learning environment to stimulate the interaction between teachers and students, or during a training session. Users also may choose to poll colleagues and friends in a casual setting, asking such questions as, “Sushi or Tex-Mex for dinner tonight?” Also, its ability to work on any mobile device (voters are not required to download any application to their phone to participate) makes it the perfect tool for interaction between television producers, advertisers and viewers during a live TV show.

polltogo is totally free for voters. It is also free for poll makers who wish to create a poll with up to 20 votes (typically the length of most personal-interest polls).  Professional users, who generally need to receive more than 20 votes per poll, can buy credits (one credit equals one vote) at a very reasonable rate (currently 200 votes for 99 cents).

Creating a poll, sharing it with a target audience and viewing the results is as easy as 1-2-3 and only takes a minute:

1. Create the poll – Users can create polls in advance (or live at an event) on a smartphone, tablet or laptop using a very simple interface. Using polltogo.com or the polltogo mobile app, the user simply enters a question (e.g., “How would you rate this presentation?”), chooses a poll type (multiple choice, yes/no, rating, textual feedback), sets the duration (from 1 minute to no limit), and provides a few options (result presentation, allow comments, privacy, etc.).

2. Share the poll – Once the poll is created, two sharing options are offered: A unique QR code that can be scanned by most smartphones and a short URL that voters can simply type into any web browser (on their laptop/desktop, on their mobile phone, or even on older WAP-based cell phones).

3. View the results – Results of each poll can be viewed on a web page or shown live to an audience that just voted. They also may be viewed directly and easily by each voter on their device, providing that the poll initiator selects that option.

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