23rd June 2011

Music Consumption Gets A Gen-Lift At AUX

aux.tvLike most music consumption platforms today, AUX.TV has just undergone a (generation facelift. With a 600% increase in average monthly unique visitors in the last month alone, the national music channel’s new website is at the forefront of music culture in Canada and from where they’re standing, music consumption rituals are spinning and audiences are looking for enhanced, available content now.  Today’s music fans are going beyond downloading to get behind a favourite band or artist; they want to know, hear, experience, see, even create anything related to the music they love.

“Much of our focus over the last few months has been on building and harvesting a new foundation of enhanced digital features to respond to new demands and expectations,” says Simon Foster, SVP Digital Publishing and Business Development at AUX TV. “These features amplify the content published every day by our team of online music journalists.”

One of the hottest discussion topics at the Banff World Media Festival this year was how audiences interact with and consume media. The next generation of music fans is here. Most have never purchased a CD, and yet they’re never without music.  Collectively, they watch over 2 billion music videos each day and when the country’s hottest band announces a live tour, they want to know about it first.

AUX TV’s largest demographic today is the “T-demo” (18-24 year olds), and when it comes to music consumption, the T-demo is clear about what they like:

Live music access – To immediately know about and participate in a live music opportunity that interests them.

“We recently launched a digital scavenger hunt on AUX.TV to promote a by-invitation-only concert with indie band Stars,” says Foster. “Through an innovative initiative like this, we were able to instantly connect and engage with a new generation of music fans.”

Repetition and information – To listen to their favourite tunes as frequently and conveniently as possible.

Greg Nizbet, founder of Mediazoic, says that “environments and platforms that encourage and properly distribute [a] repetition cycle will be the ones that find success, by enabling the greatest music to find the greatest number of appreciative ears.”

Clicks to content – To be appeased and impressed in 10 seconds or less.

The T-demo has close to no attention span. AUX.TV’s content team recently integrated VEVO allowing their users to access 35,000 music videos within the AUX site. Videos are searchable and shareable, and AUX.TV will make recommendations on what users “might like” based on their viewing patterns.

It’s freedom baby – To pay nothing to be entertained.

If it’s not free, the T-demo will go somewhere else. It’s generational expectations like this that has led to AUX.TV’s recent investment in a dedicated online content and social media team, who help seed content and through the introduction of enhanced features, they tap into breaking news on the music scene and relatable content on bands and artists. This investment has seen AUX.TV’s traffic increase by a whopping 600% in the last month

AUX content lives not only within the AUX.TV website, it’s discovered daily in the social feeds of its growing fan base. Facebook and Twitter are most commonly used by the content team to remain in constant contact with users, who don’t use traditional media for news and instead rely on trusted sources like AUX.TV and friends’ recommendations to discover new music and trends.

AUX TV is national music channel showcasing music, and the stories behind it.  Authentic, and intimate, the channel uncovers some of the best artists from rock to hip-hop. AUX features music videos, live performances, movies, event documentaries, interviews, and entertainment news.

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