13th May 2011

Epiphan Releases Two New Utility Apps

epiphanThe EpiphanTouch™ and VGA2Ethernet™ applications by Ottawa’s Epiphan Systems Inc are now available via free download from iTunes and the App Store. These apps can be used for controlling and configuring any Epiphan Systems network-enabled device, including all devices from the epiphan touchrecording and broadcasting line of products.

EpiphanTouch™ is a discovery and configuration utility for Epiphan Systems Inc’s video capture, recording and streaming including the devices listed below.  For example, you can use EpiphanTouch as a remote control to start and stop recording on your Epiphan devices.  The EpiphanTouch Utility will find, identify, configure and control Epiphan devices operating on the same network as your iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iDevice.

EpiphanTouch is compatible with the following Epiphan VGA and DVI capture, recording, and broadcasting devices:

– Frame Grabbers: VGA2Ethernet™, VGA2Ethernet PRO™
– Broadcasters : VGA Broadcaster Lite™, VGA Broadcaster Standard™, VGA Broadcaster PRO™,VGA2WiFi™
– Recorders : VGA Grid™, VGA Recorder Lite™, VGA Recorder Standard™ , VGA Recorder PRO™, vga2ethernetLectureRecorder™
– KVM : KVM2Ethernet™
– Mediphan: DistanceDoc™, MedRecorder™
– VGA Printer™
VGA2Ethernet™ is a client to view and save snapshots of the video captured by VGA2Ethernet and VGA2Ethernet PRO frame grabbers. The application works by connecting over WiFi and automatically detects VGA2Ethernet devices on the same subnet as your iDevice.

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