27th April 2011

Ortsbo Sees Continued Growth

ortsboIntertainment Media Inc. has announced that Ortsbo, its social media, real time, language translation platform, continues to accelerate, reaching 13.1 Million Unique Monthly Users, month over month for the period ended April 25, 2011. Since launch in late July 2010, Ortsbo has recorded over 183 Million minutes of User Engagement, over 129 Million Page Views, approximately 40 Million Unique Users and in excess of 58 Million Online Sessions. All of the Ortsbo performance metrics are validated independently through 3rd party verification including Google Analytics.

In the past week, Ortsbo has generated over 17 Million minutes of User Engagement, 12.9 Million Page Views, 6.2 Million Online Sessions and 4.8 Million Unique Users, a new record of Unique Users.

According to Google Analytics reports, over 80% of users visit Ortsbo web sites directly and are not using search engines or third party referrals. With over 110,000 Facebook Fans, over 15,000 joining this week, and over 12,500 Twitter followers, the Company continues to experience viral growth opportunities.Gene Simmons Family Jewels Image Credit: Gene Simmons

On April 20, 2011 Ortsbo announced that together with international rock legend, accomplished global entrepreneur, Ortsbo business partner and spokesman, Gene Simmons and sponsor Live Nation will present Gene Simmons Live & Global, an interactive global event allowing people all over the world to chat with Mr. Simmons in 53 languages. The event will be broadcast from the Rodeo Ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday, May 20, 2011 beginning 7:30 am Pacific. Users can register online for the event.

Unlike other social media platforms that may experience limited revenue opportunities, Ortsbo has been developed with the ability, in time, to generate revenues from a number of key sources, including, but not limited to:

Social Media – as with many other social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, Ortsbo has initiated advertising and sponsorship programs, allowing advertisers to reach users, through customized offers, on demand and targeted advertising. To maximize long term value, Ortsbo has made advertising available to companies around the globe and has been sharing its independently verified analytics with existing and potential advertisers.

Email – Ortsbo has developed an email translation platform that simply “plugs-in” to existing email applications. The first of these coming to market shortly is Ortsbo for Microsoft Outlook, or “O4O”. The product allows instant translation of email with original language attachments. Ortsbo has launched a pilot web site and expects to make it publicly available shortly. The email plug-in module will retail for $29.95 US. Ortsbo also offers a secure, multi-user, multilingual chat module for the commercial market.

Licensing & RSS Feeds – Ortsbo is currently negotiating with a number of firms for the implementation of its licensed translation and RSS feed programs. These programs allow gaming, entertainment, dating and other online entities to provide their users with instant translation of text based conversation, creating a “one language environment”. Ortsbo’s RSS Feed platform allows users to receive feeds in almost any language. Revenue for these programs is based on paid licensing fees that may include upfront implementation fees and time, usage based payments.

Private Chat Networks – Ortsbo has developed the ability for organizations to implement their own, private, encrypted and secure chat platforms that can be tailored to a single language or multi-language capabilities. These programs are currently available and the Company is working on partnership sales channel models. This product is available on a bulk, time based payment model or through a seat, or users based payment model.

Sponsored Events – with events like Gene Simmons Live & Global, Ortsbo has developed a unique multi-language, multi-user chat platform that is attracting sponsors that wish to reach users globally. Fees for sponsorship, depending on the event and business terms, include media rights, product placement fees and revenue sharing.

Language Learning – recently, Ortsbo announced a deal with Toronto based, Lingo Media to develop and implement an online language learning center. Users can pay, on demand, by module or course for highly engaging language learning tools. Ortsbo will receive 50% of the revenue from the program.

Apps – Ortsbo is developing for mobile and portable computing a series of native applications for many of the most popular smartphones and tablets along with new and entertaining language based apps. These applications will begin to release during the current business quarter and throughout the Summer of 2011. Revenues will be generated through user downloads and sponsor programs.

Mobile Messaging – Ortsbo is currently developing key mobile technology to allow multi-language messaging across mobile devices. Revenues will come from micropayment and carrier based applications. Further details will follow as they become available.

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