15th December 2010

Top Ten Hotspots For Laptop Theft

Absolute SoftwareVancouver’s Absolute Software Corporation has revealed a list of the top 10 target areas for the theft of mobile computers. The maker of LoJack® for Laptops, the leading anti-theft solution for consumers, also announced a special holiday offer on its consumer solution.

The top 10 list reveals that consumer computers are more likely to be stolen while at school or home, where families use their computers the most. The list is based on theft reports filed to the Absolute Theft Recovery Team by Absolute customers over a one-year period. With the holidays approaching, Absolute is warning that the risk of computers being stolen from the home is higher than what may be perceived by consumers.

“The trends in this list may surprise some computer owners. According to our experience, consumers think ‘it won’t happen to me’ and take chances. They often think of security issues only when they are on the move,” said Mark Grace, vice president of consumer business at Absolute Software. “However, with schools and residences topping the list of places computers are stolen, owners need to be extra cautious, particularly around the holidays when home burglaries often increase. LoJack for Laptops helps protect you from computer theft year-round. That’s why we are offering consumers a give one, get one free deal on LoJack for Laptops this holiday season.”

This holiday season, consumers can purchase a license of LoJack for Laptops and receive a second license for a friend or relative, free (Limited time offer. See lojackforlaptops.com for additional details and to purchase). Computer owners can take advantage of this offer by visiting lojackforlaptops.com. Once activated, computer owners can access:

* Geolocation – For day-to-day use (in non-theft scenarios), consumers can keep track of their computer on an internet-based map. Useful for customers who want to check if the computer’s location has changed while they are away from home.
* Device freeze – If a computer is suspected to be simply lost and not stolen, customers can freeze their computer and display a custom message for whoever finds it. In addition, an unauthorized user cannot access the content on the computer, keeping private information safe in an effort to prevent identity theft.
* Remote data delete – To protect their personal information, customers can choose to delete a pre-set group of files or all files, including the operating system.
* Managed theft recovery – If a computer is stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team will work with local law enforcement to recover it.

Top 10 Places Consumer Computers Are Stolen

1. K-12 Schools
2. Residential Properties
3. Automobiles
4. Businesses/Offices
5. Universities and Colleges
6. Hotels and Motels
7. Restaurants and Cafes
8. Stores and Shopping Malls
9. Public Transit (includes taxis, buses, trains, etc)
10. Airports (terminals, security checkpoints, storage areas and airport restaurants)

Mark Grace continued, “Last year, Absolute recovered over 5,000 computers, and assisted in the conviction of over 500 felons ranging from burglars to murderers. With LoJack for Laptops, consumers can strike back against crime. We protect more than 2 million consumers today, let us give you the same peace of mind – knowing your essential computing device and data are protected.”

The Printing HouseThe Printing House Ltd.™ (TPH®) has launched a viral marketing campaign consisting of a series of videos titled The Printz. These comical skits have set a new tone for the Canadian owned and operated printing company, changing the way their business products and services are promoted. “With so many new innovative products and services we the printzneeded a new way to inform our customer” says Marc Petitpas, Vice President of TPH®.

The main characters of these webisodes consist of The Printz, an old-world Nordic explorer who traveled to Canada from his homeland Gudmundarstadi, and his trusted colleague Keith.

As the Communications Specialist for Thor Hammer Productions Inc., The Printz saves his coworkers from their everyday woes and helps his colleague Keith deal with his communication challenges by offering various communication solutions.

To date two webisodes have been released on YouTube, and similar to other social media campaigns, they will be adding to this series in the upcoming months with The Printz: Episode Three scheduled to be released in the New Year.

TPH® has taken a great approach to developing this social media campaign. To keep in the loop with The Printz campaign you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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