21st October 2010

A Message From Kik

kik interactiveKik Interactive, Inc. today unveiled the next generation of Kik Messenger, a free, cross-platform mobile instant messaging (IM) service. The new version – available worldwide starting today – makes texting conversations more real-time than ever before.

Kik Messenger, officially out of beta today, now ensures lightning fast delivery every time. It’s about four times faster than the old system, which was already pretty quick! That means every message – and Kik’s message sent, delivered and read receipts – appear in real-time. So messaging with Kik now feels more like a real conversation.

Other cross-platform mobile IM apps are more like regular, plain texting; none offer message receipts, nor Kik’s speed and reliability. Only BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) provides similar receipts, but Kik Messenger stands apart because it works on all smartphones – iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

“Kik Messenger offers the closest thing to a real-time, face-to-face conversation. And you can connect with all your friends, no matter what smartphone they use or where they live,” said Ted Livingston, President and CEO, Kik. “With the latest improvements and global reach, we expect more and more people to get Kik-ing.”

Introduced six months ago, the beta version attracted more than 175,000 users, even with availability limited to the US and Canada and no marketing push. The new system is more scalable and reliable, ensuring Kik will remain fast as user numbers continue to grow.

If you’re a Kik user now, or if you’ve ever used BBM, you’ll know why message receipts are so popular. Receipts tell you more information about your message. ‘S’ means your message has been sent. ‘D’ means it has been delivered to your recipient. ‘R’ means your message has been read. And ‘Is typing’ means your friend is currently typing a reply.

Livingston remarked, “Anyone who has experienced message receipts knows how addictive they are. After giving it a try, you’ll never go back.”

To get Kik Messenger, just get on your mobile device and go to www.kik.com/m. It’s a free download. Or if you’d like to read up first, visit our website.

Kik works with all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch’s, most BlackBerry devices, and all Android devices.

Kik Messenger is available worldwide. All you need is a mobile data plan. And don’t worry. Each Kik message uses only a tiny amount of data – less than 1Kb per message.

What Else is Up at Kik?

Well, lots. Our big focus has been getting the Kik Messenger fundamentals perfect. That means reliable, real-time, one-to-one text conversations.

With that platform now built, we’re ready to add picture sharing and the long awaited mobile music service – soon. Yes, Kik Music IS coming. And once you see it, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait. A big reason for moving to the new IM system is that it’s ideal for music sharing on our upcoming service.

What about video? Uh huh, that’s coming too. And group chat? Yep. But patience, please. As you can see, we’ve got a lot on our plate

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