2nd April 2010

Canadians On The Go

EA GamesMontrealEA Mobile™ has announced five best-selling titles available immediately for Apple’s iPad. These include SCRABBLE, under license from Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada only, Tetris®, Need for Speed™ SHIFT, Mirror’s Edge, and Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™. In addition to these five titles designed specifically for iPad, gamers can access more than 40 EA titles already available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. Any previously purchased iPhone or iPod touch game can run on iPad in its original size or can be expanded to fill the iPad screen. All games will be available in Europe with the worldwide launch of iPad later this month.

“As one of the leading publishers on the App Store, EA is delivering five games today that take advantage of the Scrabble-iPadunique capabilities of iPad for a broad range of gamers, from the casual to the hardcore, and today’s product slate is just the beginning,” said Travis Boatman, Vice President of Worldwide Studios, EA Mobile. “For example, with SCRABBLE, we have modernized this family favorite game by developing a fun, interactive ‘Party Play’ mode. For our more hardcore fans, Need for Speed SHIFT becomes the ultimate immersive driving experience. We are thrilled to offer EA games with the launch of iPad — a device that is like no other.”

SCRABBLE for iPad spells F-U-N! EA Mobile has created fans’ favorite crossword game, with a fresh interface uniquely designed for iPad that lets players pass ‘n’ play or go solo, in portrait or landscape mode. Social and multiplayer capabilities also enable players to challenge friends on Facebook, or through a local Wi-Fi network. In the all new “Party Play” mode, up to four iPhone or iPod touch players can connect their devices to be used as private tile racks and seamlessly play their words onto the iPad “game board” with a simple flick. And for newcomers, the exclusive “Teacher Feature” shows players the best word choice for the previous play.

Celebrating 25 years and more than 100 million paid downloads, the world famous Tetris game launches on iPad with all-new, high resolution graphics and exclusive features including highly anticipated D-Pad controls which give players the option to play the way they want and stay in control of the game. The iPad version also introduces an all-new “Endless” mode for the ultimate extension in game play. Tetris is a must have for any iPad user.

NFS-iPadNeed for Speed SHIFT races to the App Store with exclusive features, multiplayer capability, 18 unique tracks and a variety of race modes. Players can feel the adrenaline rush of an immersive experience when they choose from 28 of the fastest, hottest cars and enjoy physics-based 3D graphics optimized for iPad. New driving controls include the addition of visual accelerator and brake pedals, manual shifting, and a rearview mirror to see who’s coming from behind. The most visceral, aggressive simulation racing game on iPad will make hearts pound!

Mirror’s Edge debuts on iPad with a graphically rich, addictive experience, and 14 nail-biting levels of unrivaled 3D action. Unique to iPad is a multiplayer feature which utilizes a split-screen interface, letting players battle against each other face to face in two thrilling modes. Exciting gameplay has players running on walls, sliding down ramps and leaping between rooftops as they out-maneuver enemies in pursuit of their mission.

With more than 30 million units sold across the Command & Conquer franchise, Command & Conquer Red Alert optimizes iPad’s Multi-Touch controls, large screen and high-fidelity graphics to create an expansive experience. Three-finger, Multi-Touch controls let players select and maneuver their armies, manage inventory and make maximum use of camera zooming to navigate battlefields with photorealistic visuals. Players command units across a wide variety of maps and levels with different environmental conditions which add more layers of strategic depth. Players can challenge friends in Head-to-Head multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth between iPad and iPhone devices.

Tungle.meMontreal – Online scheduling company Tungle Corp., has announced a strategic partnership with leading enterprise cloud computing and Google Enterprise Partner LTech. Through the partnership, LTech will offer the Tungle.me online meeting scheduling application to its clients as an integral part of the LTech cloud migration services and tools.

LTech helps organizations successfully migrate, integrate and operate cloud computing programs as a means of achieving strategic business goals. It offers a range of services and tools to a growing and diverse set of clients – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – making LTech a trusted name in enterprise-class cloud computing solutions.

“This product partnership is a natural addition to LTech’s range of services and tools and will offer tremendous value to its clients,” said Marc Gingras, chief executive officer and founder of Tungle Corp. “We are excited to be working with a first-class company like LTech and believe the partnership will facilitate our growth into the enterprise cloud market segment.”

Tungle.me makes it easy for people to schedule meetings across organizations, calendar systems and time zones by eliminating costly double-bookings and the endless back-and-forth often associated with finding a mutually convenient time to meet. As a result, Tungle.me drastically improves productivity and efficiency.

“As a provider of enterprise cloud services and tools we are constantly on the lookout for complementary product partners that will help enhance the value we deliver to our clients,” said Ed Laczynski, founder and CTO of LTech. “The Tungle.me scheduling application is a practical and user-friendly addition to our existing range of tools and services.”

Tangled 2GatineauBilly Lavoie has released the sequel to the best selling puzzle game Tangled. Tangled 2 is available now in the iTunes App Store and includes a new Action mode, new graphics, music and brand new puzzles to solve. The Action mode is a nice fresh take on the classic Planarity puzzle that appeals to all gamers.

Tangled has been completely redesigned with new graphics, music, puzzles and new social networking features (Open Feint Achievements and Leaderboards support). Fans of the original will love the new redesigned interface, familiar game play and brand new puzzles to grind their way through.

It is recommend to try the new highly addictive Action mode. In this mode the player has to untangle the dots as fast as he can to make them disappear before there’s too many on the screen. Each dot untangled gives out points, the goal is to make it to the top of the leaderboard. Tangled 2 has taken the Planarity type puzzle to a whole new level that no other similar game on the AppStore can match!


– Action mode (100% original)
– Normal mode which includes 30 carefully designed puzzles
– Random mode (for unlimited fun with 10 difficulty levels)
– New Graphics by Joel Espaillat Rodriguez
– New Music by Kevin MacLeod
– Social Integration (Open Feint Achievements and Leaderboards support)

iBrideToronto – Experts in both marketing and technology recognize the power of the iPhone, but until now, there has never been an app like iBride, which officially launched yesterday after an unprecedented response to its beta release. Developed by Toronto’s iBride, Inc., iBride is a powerful yet easy-to-use (and free) wedding application for iPhone and iPod touch – one that targets a specific market, and taps into the very demanding culture we live in: instant information, instant answers, instant response!

iBride users can:

– Review bridal products and services
– Make instant appointments
– Send an email to request more information
– Map the location of the business using GPS-assisted navigation
– Keep their notes in a planner
– Plan their guest list
– Have access to wedding checklist and more

iBride is available for 50 major cities in the U.S. and Canada, allowing both local and distance interactive planning. A person living in Vancouver can download the custom app for Seattle and plan their wedding in iBride Free AppWashington State! To date, there are more than 20,000 registered local vendors in North America participating in the iBride app.

The modern North American bride typically has little time for sourcing products and services and traveling around. iBride makes the entire process simple: seamlessly integrating the use of today’s technologies with centuries of wedding traditions. Annually, there are an average of 2.4 million weddings in the U.S. and more than 150,000 in Canada. Personal connectivity is at an all-time high, and the iBride application meets the demand for instant connection to the marketplace.

Application Development Manager Dejan Lukac says, “We are the first in the bridal industry to move forward with something so interactive like iBride. Every industry tool grows and progresses to meet modern demands. iBride is our essential next step. Our ultimate goal is to create a wedding network across North America, with versions of iBride on a wide range of different SmartPhones and mobile devices. We’re working now on both Blackberry and Windows Mobile versions, and that already makes the iBride app one of a kind.”

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