16th November 2009

Setup Factory 8.2 For Windows 7 Developers

Indigo RoseWinnipegIndigo Rose Software has launched Setup Factory 8.2 with full support for Microsoft Windows 7. Software developers can now build a single software installer program that works just as well on the latest Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista) as it does on legacy systems like Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP. This makes Setup Factory 8.2 a unique solution for software developers who require the widest compatibility for their setup programs.Setup Factory

An easy-to-use Project Wizard helps programmers create ready-to-build software installation projects in minutes. They can simply drag and drop files and folders onto the project window and they’re ready to build. Setup Factory outputs a compact, single-file setup.exe that is ideal for distribution via Internet download, CD/DVD-ROM, USB memory keys and corporate networks.

“Indigo Rose is excited to launch this new version of Setup Factory,” said Colin Adams, President at Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation. “Making Setup Factory compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 ensures that our customers can deploy their software development projects on the widest variety of Windows operating systems possible. It’s just one more reason that over 20,000 companies worldwide rely on Indigo Rose’s software development tools to help deliver their digital products.”

While retaining Setup Factory’s popular visual development environment, Setup Factory 8.2 also includes a fully featured scripting engine. It has everything from “for, repeat and while” loops, to “if/else” conditions, functions, variables and associative arrays. With a library of over 360+ functions and a fill-in-the-blanks style Action Wizard, advanced installers can be created to handle even the most sophisticated software installation tasks. High-level actions are provided to make registry changes, call DLL functions, execute programs, start and stop services, interact with web scripts, enumerate processes, parse XML data, download files and much more.

With Setup Factory 8.2’s Visual Dialog Editor and Skin/Theme System, software engineers can create installers that even the marketing department can approve of. Developers can either create custom install wizard dialogs from scratch, or select from 20+ ready-made dialogs such as license agreement acceptance and serial number verification. Once the dialog sequence has been created, installation developers can then choose from dozens of pre-made visual themes, letting them customize background images, fonts, logos, colors and other style settings with a single click.

Other features of Setup Factory 8.2 include high performance LZMA data compression with up to 300% better compression ratios and 20% faster installation speed, automatic Authenticode signing, support for files larger than 2GB, an extensive Windows Installer MSI action library, auto-detecting international language support, HTML-based project reports, full uninstaller, silent install mode, and support for automated builds.

Setup Factory 8.2 sells for $395 (US$) per developer or $995 for the Five Developer Team Pack. It can be purchased through all major software development tools resellers or directly from Indigo Rose Software. A free 30-day trial download is available from the company’s website.

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