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  • Raycatcher Is Now Available on Direct2Drive, Impulse and Steam

13th April 2009

Raycatcher Is Now Available on Direct2Drive, Impulse and Steam

RayCatcherVancouver – A couple of months ago we told you about a new game Raycatchercalled Raycatcher,  a title which syncs its gameplay with your MP3s.  Developed by Thinking Studios, Raycatcher allows the player to create custom playlists of his or her favorite music and play for as long or as short as you’d like. The goal of the game is to spin a colorful cluster of shapes to catch multi-colored rays. This causes the cluster to grow, evolve, and unlock 30 new evolutionary stages. Raycatcher is now available for purchase on Steam, Direct2Drive and Impulse.

Raycatcher Download Features

  • Load in your own music: Raycatcher will accept .mp3 and .wav formats
  • Beat detection technology: Changes gameplay to match your music in pleasant and creative ways.
  • Make playlists of any length: Raycatcher is flexible and allows you to play for how ever long you want, and still feel like you’ve made progress.
  • Original music by artist Noobie Noobinson: Music by a new up and coming band, some of which was created specifically for Raycatcher.
  • 30 evolutionary stages: Complete with funny and enlightening descriptions. Raycatcher illustrates a cute and informative view of the kosmos.
  • Range of difficulty: Easy to pick up, with 3 difficulty levels that range from easy-yet-challenging to insanely difficult.

Raycatcher Download Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista (With Latest Service Pack)
  • 2.0 GHz Processor
  • 1 GB Available System Memory
  • Mid range nVidia or ATI 3D Video Card
  • 140 MB Available Hard Drive Space
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  1. NightStorm
    4:36 pm on April 13th, 2009

    I was given the opportunity to try out this game last week (the actual conversation went more along the lines of “You have a few days off, review this game”), and I was actually rather surprised with the gameplay.
    The simple appearance of the game is extremely decieving when you put it against the actual challenge you are faced with once the game gets moving. Starting off with a simple set of 4 spheres clustered together in the center of the screen, you have to spin the cluster as rays of light bombard it from all sides… the idea is to line the ray up with it’s corresponding coloured sphere. Once all the spheres have been sufficiently lit by rays, you advance to the next level (the cluster grows, resulting in more time having to be spent lighting them all up).
    When you add this together with your own music library (the rays actually start coming towards the cluster in tune to your MP3 playlist), you are met with quite the challenge… I had originally set out to load up the quietest and slowest songs I could find, but by the time I was done, the playlist was stacked with a whole set of 80’s Hair Rockbands.
    The only downsides that I could find with this game were:
    You can only add one song at a time to your playlist. If you’re a person like me, you would end up spending more time just populating the list than actually playing the game.
    Your music plays in linear fashion… no shuffle.
    The game can only be played in fullscreen mode. I’m a fan of windowed games, so the fullscreen factor was a bit of a downer for me.
    The mouse controls seemed a little jumpy for me… although I can’t say for certain that it was in fact the game and not how fine-tuned my mouse sensitivity is, but it made controlling the spinning of the cluster a little more difficult once I had several rays coming at it at once.
    Overall, I found it to be a very entertaining, and surprisingly challenging game. The ability to use my own music in the game was an added bonus lacking in many games coming out lately… the ability to personalize the gameplay to match my liking. Tetris is actually a game that came into my mind as I played this… the ease in the beginning slowly growing to panic as you advance through the game is one in the same with the classic.

    *Note* I didn’t dare boost the difficulty up above “newb”, due to my fear of actually having the rays bombard the cluster in true beat with my music. So results may vary. 😉

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