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20th March 2009

Voice Assistance Technology to Challenge Mobile Internet and Provide Virtual Assistance Using Spoken Commands

B-VocalizedVancouver – A “voice powered virtual assistance company” Bvocalized Systems Inc. introduces the very first hands-free web information access and outsourced assistance entirely through voice. User can connect with the service by dialling a toll free number from any phone device within North America. The system will actually listen, understand and respond within minutes of service request by an automated phone call in spoken natural language.

The Bvocalized Voice Assistant™ provides more than just information and answers, it also handles secretarial tasks. Users can send email, dictate notes, get directions, find people, order goods, request reservations, set appointments or record transactions, to name a few – all without touching the keypad of their phone or having live agents online. It’s like having a two way conversation with the Web when there is no Internet.

While the system is highly automated, it fully utilizes valuable intelligent human resource. The caller’s voice is instantly transcribed into text (speech to text) for analysis by a Bvocalized specialist. The specialist then submits a text response to the system, which generates a spoken-word (text to speech) reply along with a corresponding email for the caller.

“Surfing the Web on a mobile phone browser is clumsy and costly. Bvocalized makes the experience easy, affordable and fast” says Naveed Manzoor, company CEO. “Simply say what you want into the phone and get results within minutes. It is like having a spoken access to mobile virtual office that listens and actually talks back to you on 24/7 basis. How we conduct business while on the road will never be the same.”

Bvocalized is currently available in Canada and the United States. However, the company plans on expansion; first, into the United Kingdom and Europe and later into Middle East and Asia. The service is also slated to be available in several languages by the end of 2009.

Bvocalized Systems Inc. was founded in 2008 to provide mobile phone users with an affordable and reliable 24/7 spoken access to Web information and convenience of secretarial assistance together. The company is owned and operated by a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who have worked in the information technology industry for over 20 years.

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