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  • Solace Systems and GigaSpaces Enable Globally Scaleable Distributed Applications

19th February 2009

Solace Systems and GigaSpaces Enable Globally Scaleable Distributed Applications

Joint Solution Facilitates Synchronization of Applications Across Geographically Distributed Computing Clusters

Solace SystemsOttawaSolace Systems, the leader in hardware-based messaging middleware infrastructure and GigaSpaces Technologies, a leading provider of a new generation of application platforms for Java and .Net environments, announced today a joint “space bridging” solution that can coordinate interactions between applications across multiple clustered computing environments. Benefits include the ability to move data faster, superior application performance and better business continuity during disaster recovery scenarios. The solution’s value is highest in industries where information is exceptionally time-sensitive, because database-centric solutions simply can’t handle the requisite rate of data transfers over wide area networks (WANs). Examples include financial services, GigaSpacestelecommunications, cloud computing, logistics, government and online gaming.

Solace’s innovative hardware-based middleware augments GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform’s (XAP) native functionality with the ability to share information and resources between multiple XAP clusters across the WAN in real-time. This is generally called space bridging, and it lets enterprises and cloud computing providers deploy XAP clusters anywhere in the world with the confidence that the right information and resources will always be available to the right application at the right time.

“GigaSpaces is the gold standard of high-performance application servers,” said Ralph Frankel, chief technology officer at Solace Systems. “Space bridging brings together two market-leading technologies to offer the most effective and efficient distributed data mirroring solution to address a wide range of pain points in enterprise and cloud computing today.”

It is relatively easy to coordinate XAP clusters across local area networks (LANs), but the increasingly distributed architecture of enterprise IT systems means many companies need to share processing functionality across geographically dispersed datacenters where the wide area network (WAN) introduces bandwidth constraints, temporary disconnections and the inherent latency of distance traveled. And since not all information is relevant to all of these XAP clusters, the system needs to be intelligent enough to route requests and responses only where they are needed. Solace’s innovative hardware was specifically designed to support the high-throughput low-latency exchange of information across distributed environments with the highest quality of service– that is not available via pure software solutions.

“Space bridging is a substantial technological advancement that will deliver tremendous value to highly distributed enterprises and cloud environments,” said Shay Hassidim, deputy chief technology officer at GigaSpaces. “Solace’s innovations in high-speed, distributed information flow and unique networking hardware make it an excellent tool for filtering and delivering synchronized data globally in as close to real time as possible.”

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