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19th March 2014

Telefilm Canada Funds Production Of Five Feature Films

Telefilm Canada Telefilm Canada has announced its support of the production of five feature films, two in English and three in French, through the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF). A total of $4.7 million in funding is being invested in the selected projects for the third quarter of 2013-2014. On January 13, 2014, Telefilm announced $3.7 million in funding support for five feature-film projects for the second quarter of 2013-2014. In an industry advisory released on January 6, 2014, the organization announced over $4 million in financing for 18 lower-budget feature-film projects.

“The films we’re supporting in this latest round of funding are sure to appeal to a wide variety of audiences,” said Telefilm Canada’s Executive Director, Carolle Brabant. “With animation films, dramas and thrillers, this range of features is a testament to the diversity of the Canadian film industry. Projects funded include The Elephant Song, the first English-language film by award-winning director, Charles Binamé (Séraphin: un homme et son péché, Maurice Richard), and Hellions, a horror film by veteran indie director Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo, Pontypool). As well, three international coproductions are among our selection of projects—an important avenue through which Canadian producers can tap into foreign financing and talent to create films with international audience appeal.”

Ontario and Nunavut Region 

Hellions – Currently in production
Genre: Horror-thriller
Director: Bruce McDonald
Writer: Pascal Trottier
Production: Whizbang Films, Storyteller Pictures
Distribution: To be confirmed
Confirmed actors: Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Rossif Sutherland (Pour l’amour de Dieu [For the Love of God]), Rachel Wilson, Luke Bilyk

It’s Halloween night in the town of Waterford, Pumpkin Capital of the World. Alone at home, teenager Dora Vogel is about to have a very long night. Free to roam undetected among the small town’s trick-or-treaters, a trio of masked demonic kids knock on Dora’s door. As tricks turn deadly, Dora will need to defend herself from the relentless evil beings known as Hellions.

Quebec Region

Ballerina – Currently in production
Genre: Animation
Majority Canadian coproduction with France
Directors: Éric Warin, Eric Summer
Writers: Eric Summer, Laurent Zeitoun, Carol Noble
Production: Productions Caramel Film
Distribution: Les Films Séville

In 1879 Paris, recently orphaned 10-year-old Félicie arrives from the countryside without a penny to her name and a single dream: to become a world-famous ballerina. With the help of the wily street kids whose confidence she wins, and by pulling the wool over several adults’ eyes, she makes her way into the famous Paris Opera Ballet School. Now she’s just got to be better than her ruthless, conniving fellow students…

The Elephant Song – Release date: May 2014
Genre: Drama
Director: Charles Binamé
Writer: Nicolas Billon
Production: Melenny Productions
Distribution: Les Films Séville
Confirmed actors: Xavier Dolan (Les Amours imaginaires [Heartbeats]), Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek), Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), Guy Nadon, Colm Feore (Thor)

An eminent psychiatrist vanishes from his office; the last person to see him is a troubled patient named Michael. The hospital director, Dr. Greene, is called in to interview Michael. Miss Peterson, the head nurse, understands all too well the devastating loss that still haunts Dr. Greene and warns him to steer clear of this odd and manipulative patient—to no avail. Michael ignores the doctor’s questions and prattles on about elephants and opera (with the occasional hint of murder and foul play), ultimately luring the hospital director into a devious trap. Dr. Greene’s redemption will come at a hefty price…

Je suis à toi [I Am Yours] Release date: Fall 2014
Genre: Drama
Minority Canadian coproduction with Belgium
Writer and director: David Lambert
Production: Boréal Films
Distribution: Filmoption International
Confirmed actors: Nahuel Perez, Monia Chokri (Laurence Anyways), Jean-Michel Balthazar

Lucas, a young, penniless Argentinian working as an escort, does all he can to survive in Buenos Aires. One day, while surfing the Web, he meets Henry, a solitary and lonely Belgian baker who decides he has to help Lucas escape from the world of prostitution. Lucas crosses the Atlantic to Belgium, where he becomes Henry’s apprentice. However, he quickly feels suffocated by Henry’s amorous attentions. Lucas is attracted to Audrey, the cashier at the bakery, but she refuses to have anything to do with him.

Un Monde truqué [A Rigged World]Release date: March 2015
Genre: 2D/3D animated thriller
Minority Canadian coproduction with France
Directors: Franck Ekinci, Christian Desmares
Writers: Franck Ekinci, Benjamin Legrand
Computer graphics: Jacques Tardi
Production: Kaibou Production
Distribution: Métropole Films Distribution
Confirmed actors (voice talent): Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose), Jean Rochefort, Marc-André Grondin (C.R.A.Z.Y), Benoit Brière, Macha Grenon (L’Âge des ténèbres [Days of Darkness])

In 1941, several scholars and scientists mysteriously disappear, depriving mankind of their significant capabilities as inventors. April, a teenage girl, Darwin, her talking cat, Pops, her grandfather, and Julius, a young scoundrel and police informer, go off in search of April’s parents. The quartet will face many dangers and mysteries in this strange new Rigged World.

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