2nd June 2013

HootSuite On Game Of Thrones And Social Media

HootSuiteIn recent months, some of the biggest houses in the social media realm have quietly butted heads and blocked access between one another. Unfortunately these walls aren’t built to protect the citizens. While wars rage on behind the scenes, the users of these paths are beginning to find their favorite networks a lot less accessible, and a lot less social.  Inspired by Game of Thrones (because the team at HootSuite is a mass of fans waiting impatiently for the season finale – and that goes for the Village Gamer office as well), the following infographic breaks down some of the significant “social media blockades” we’ve seen from the biggest Houses in the realm. Read the rest of this entry »

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2nd June 2013

IFTech Launches Kickstarter Campaign For ARAIG Gaming Device

OrbyTwenty-three year old IFTech entrepreneur Brodie Stanfield is betting on crowdfunding for an edge to take on the establishment. He has initiated a thirty day funding campaign for his company on Kickstarter, where he hopes to obtain funding for his project ARAIG. Attempts at funding have been made through the normal investor channels, but IFTech has been stymied by an unwillingness of investors to take the risk and back an idea which competes against billion dollar companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. This makes it hard for the little guys to compete againstthose large corporations who have both financial resources and brand recognition on their side. Read the rest of this entry »

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