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25th April 2013

HootSuite Continues Global Expansion With Apps For Tencent Weibo, VK.com And Russian Language Version

HootSuiteHootSuite has extended their App Directory with the introduction of two major social media networks: Tencent Weibo, China’s prevailing microblogging platform with over 540 million registered accounts, and VKontakle, more commonly known as VK.com – Russia’s largest social media network with over 200 million registered accounts. A new Russian language version of the dashboard has also been added.

Tencent Weibo and VK.com users can now manage their localized social media accounts alongside other networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Pages, Foursquare, and more within the HootSuite dashboard. These new integrations empower HootSuite’s over six million Free, Pro, and Enterprise users to reach broader global audiences.

Similar to Twitter and Facebook publishing networks, the Tencent Weibo and VK.com apps are especially useful for community managers, content producers, marketing professionals, public relations practitioners, and more who already use HootSuite to engage through social media with global audiences. Knowledge shared on these networks help social businesses strengthen relationships and gain valuable insight about their customers and prospects.

Tencent Weibo (install now): Tencent Weibo is a popular Chinese microblogging website that enhances social communication.

  • Using HootSuite, Tencent Weibo users can schedule and post status updates to their networks (including photos), as well as view and leave comments on other Tencent Weibo posts.
  • Searching and filtering functionality is also supported, enabling users to find and share Tencent Weibo content to their other social networks in HootSuite. The app also allows for multiple Tencent Weibo profile support, a popular feature among business users.
  • Major brands who use Tencent Weibo include NBA, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Lipton, Red Bull, Vogue and Canon.

VK.com (install now):  VK.com is the most popular social media network used by Russian-speakers around the world and is the fourth-fastest growing major network.

  • The VK.com app allows users to post status updates and photos to their network, view and post comments on status updates, and like status updates within the HootSuite dashboard.
  • Users can search for content on the VK.com network, monitor news and updates from the companies, groups and people they follow, and share status updates to their other social networks.
  • Major brands that use VK.com include Nikon, National Geographic, Victoria Beckham, BBC, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and more.

“With our newest app integrations, you can use HootSuite to connect with hundreds of millions of users on the biggest social networks in China and Russia.  Adding Tencent Weibo and VK.com to our lineup lets our users expand their reach around the world,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite.  “Social has no boundaries.  In fact, HootSuite has users in nearly every country worldwide, and is available in 15 languages and counting”.

HootSuite’s App Directory features more than 50 social networks and tools, including an arsenal of internationally-focused app integrations like OrkutViadeoXingSina Weibo and Renren. Built and maintained by third-party developers and companies alike, each unique tool expands the social content ecosystem of the HootSuite dashboard.  Visit the App Directory to see all of the available apps that can help make managing your social media profile easier.

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    .@HootSuite Continues Global Expansion With Apps For Tencent Weibo, http://t.co/O2sBkGUM6q & Russian Language Version http://t.co/EhycsRgmib

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