5th March 2013

Roaming Fortress Adds Rage Campaign Expansion

Brisk MobileContinue your journey with the Manatalopian Knights of Roaming Fortress as they discover the mythical Road of Anak and experience the monstrous power of a fierce and aggressive magic at work. Brisk Mobile and YETi CGI today announced the new Rage Campaign Expansion is now available on iTunes and soon on Google Play. Recently awarded ‘Honorable Mention’ in the GDC Play 2013 ‘Best in Play’ Showcase, the iPhone and Android Phone versions of Roaming Fortress are coming at the end of March.

Indie game publishers Brisk Mobile and developers YETi CGI joined forces for the launch of Roaming Fortress: a new genre-bending approach to tower defense. Chosen ‘New & Noteworthy’ by Apple in over 10 countries, and with over 250,000 downloads in just 5 weeks (on current-gen iPads only), Roaming Fortress is a dynamic new mix of action, strategy and defensive games that pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming. Bring the fight to your foes as you journey across the battlegrounds of the Sirenian Desert on the back of the lumbering Burdenbeast, crushing the menacing Goblin Horde and carrying your fortress to victory.

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The Features:

* Visually stunning graphics on iPad 2 and iPad Mini
* Full Retina graphics on 3rd & 4th Generation iPad for a breathtaking experience
* Game created using Adobe Air 3.5, Wacom & Luxology
* Test your resolve while facing wave after wave of unique enemies
* Perfect your strategy with interchangeable fortresses that allow for numerous unique squad configurations
* Unique combat system using over 50 squads
* Over 75 levels of game-play
* Rage, Cinder and other types of magic abilities

The Rage Campaign:

* The Road of Anak Map – 16 levels
* All new enemy types and behaviors
* 4 Bonus Levels
* 31 New squads
* 8 Fortresses

On the horizon, a new day is dawning. Fleeing goblins disappear among the trees as the Manatalopian Knights drive the last of the Horde into the Eutherian Wilderness, the magical and mysterious lands that border Manatalopia to the East and separate it from the Hordelands. The Roaming Fortress was successful. The Knights have reclaimed the Kingdom of Manatalopia. At long last, the Manatalopians are home. Life can finally return to normal.

As the Manatalopians begin to rebuild their lives, spirits are high. Yet, as they are reminded daily of the decimation and exile of their people, the Manatalopians’ high spirits quickly turn to thoughts of vengeance. Questions arise. How did the Horde cross the magical wilderness that separated their lands from Manatalopia? How can they be stopped from coming back? The Knights set out to answer such questions. What they find was thought to only exist in fairy tales to scare Manatalopian children – the mythical Road of Anak, a secret Horde route cutting through the Eutherian Wilderness and connecting Manatalopia to the Hordelands.

In an effort to prevent further attacks, the Knights plan to gain control of the Road of Anak. Confident that an attacking fortress is far superior to a defended tower or a powerful infantry, the Knights move their Roaming Fortresses against the Horde on an unfamiliar battleground. The Road of Anak, however, holds more secrets than the Knights first expected. There are signs of a new aggressive magic at work, which the Knights have taken to calling “Rage” for the way it quickly escalates the anger and aggression of a goblin under its power. The Knights will come to realize that learning this magic – both how to harness it and how to fight against it – will be key to the campaign’s success. The battle rages on…

Manatalopian Knights of Roaming Forest is compatible with iPad devices iOS 4.3 or later. iTunes has rated this game Rated 9+ for the following:

  • Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

Top In-App Purchases on iTunes:

  1. 30,000 Loot $4.99
  2. Content Forever $4.99
  3. 5,000 Loot $0.99
  4. 42 Medals $2.99
  5. Campaign 1 $1.99
  6. The Road of Anak $1.99
  7. 12 Medals $0.99
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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    11:43 pm on March 4th, 2013

    .@BriskMobile Announces @RoamingFortress Rage Campaign Expansion http://t.co/5Kd1ZxyiMQ

  2. @BriskMobile
    2:47 am on March 5th, 2013

    RT @VillageGamer: .@BriskMobile Announces @RoamingFortress Rage Campaign Expansion http://t.co/5Kd1ZxyiMQ

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