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25th June 2012

Destiny Media Files For Seven Patents For Disruptive Streaming Video Technology

destiny mediaDestiny Media Technologies is pleased to announce a series of steps have been taken to protect the intellectual property behind its new Clipstream® G2 (second generation) streaming format. Clipstream® videos can be uploaded to any web server where they will play directly on most web browser enabled devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.).  The publisher doesn’t require costly streaming server infrastructure and the viewer doesn’t need to download, install and maintain plug-in player software.

Other solutions require the video to be transcoded (converted into multiple formats) because the web lacks a video standard.  Competing technologies deliver a separate stream to each viewer  with video encoded in the format associated with that device and browser.  By contrast, Clipsteam® is standards based and compatible with web caching infrastructure, so each stream is broadcast to be reused to reach ten or more viewers.  This efficiency reduces bandwidth and infrastructure costs by 90% or more and reduces the need for third party content delivery networks.

Other techniques require users to install and maintain plug-in players, limiting the ultimate audience for the content.  Clipstream® G2 does not require any third party software as the video is directly rendered by the browser to iPhones, iPads, Androids, tablets, Blackberries, Mac’s, PC’s, and a wide variety of other compliant devices.  This results in a nearly 100% play rate.

Streaming video data transfer is growing at 48% compounded annually and represents more than half the total data transfer on the internet.  Destiny CEO, Steve Vestergaard says that besides the cost, ISP’s are running up against physical bandwidth and infrastructure limits that make it more difficult to stream video and which limit the audience size, “Content delivery networks are now a $3 billion annual business and transcoding is projected to be a $1.6 billion annual cost and our solution reduces the need for those services.  We believe our simple, standards based approach, will be widely adopted by anyone that wants to put streaming video into a website or email.”

In August 2011, Destiny established a priority date by filing a provisional patent application with the USPTO, then in December 2011, filed a second expanded provisional application. An application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) was filed with the World Trade Organization in May 2012, providing the company the option of filing patent applications in 140 PCT contracting states. In June, the company filed the last of seven United States non-provisional patent applications which claim priority from the earlier-filed provisional applications and which assert protection for various novel and innovative aspects of this technology.

Clipstream® G2 is in final development and is expected to soft launch imminently with public demos.

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  1. Tami Quiring (@VillageGamer)
    2:20 am on June 25th, 2012

    Destiny Media Files For Seven Patents For Disruptive Streaming Video Technology http://t.co/3efBrMgv

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