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23rd May 2012

AudienceView Tiki Dominates Worldwide Social Ticketing Market

audienceviewAudienceView has announced that AV Tiki, the company’s innovative online sales solution for live event ticketing through Facebook, has been successfully launched with partner organizations in Europe, Asia and North America as part of a staged roll-out strategy.

First unveiled in partnership with The Ticket Factory, the ticketing division of the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, England, AV Tiki has also been successfully deployed by the Tribeca Film Festival (New York) and TicketWorld (Manila, Philippines).

AudienceView Tiki is the world’s first and only fully integrated Facebook ticketing and reservation service. It leverages the tremendous potential of social commerce in that users never have to leave the Facebook network to securely complete their transactions. The innovative ‘buy and reserve’ feature, which differentiates AudienceView Tiki from other social ticketing applications, allows consumers to buy their own tickets on Facebook and offer immediate value to friends by reserving the seats beside them during the purchase process. The reservation is shared on the purchaser’s Facebook timeline with their entire friends list or a group of friends he or she selects individually. These friends then log in and purchase the reserved seats using their own credit card and an access code, without leaving Facebook. This feature is a true example of social ticketing, providing the benefit of organic event promotion and event discovery with no extra effort or additional marketing spend.

“Our launch of AudienceView Tiki has been a true differentiator for The Ticket Factory. It showcases us as a forward-thinking organization that has fully embraced social ticketing and Facebook commerce well ahead of other organizations in the UK market,” said Will Quekett, General Manager of The Ticket Factory. “We expect our partnership with AudienceView will allow us to continue blazing a path as industry influencers while providing our customers with the truly social experience they have come to expect.”

“The Ticket Factory understood and began to leverage the power of social media long before it was adopted as a mainstream promotional tool. That foresight is now being monetized through AudienceView Tiki, which was engineered to build on the concept of connecting with friends and gathering them together for an event,” said Kevin Kimsa, Chair and CEO of AudienceView. “AV Tiki reaches consumers in the environment where they are hanging out digitally and its reservation feature, which allows users to reserve tickets for their friends, extends the social element of a live event to the purchasing process. This type of true social commerce will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in the overall live entertainment experience in years to come.”


On May 1, 2012, TicketWorld in Manila, Philippines became the first organization in the AsiaPacific region to deploy AudienceView Tiki.

”We are excited to have launched BarkadaTix, which is a new brand that we created specifically to leverage the AudienceView Tiki technology. As the area’s leading regional ticketing agency, we are already working with venues and promoters to sell seats through BarkadaTix to a multitude of shows, from concerts to high-profile performing arts events such as Rock of Ages and Phantom of the Opera. Our promoters are thrilled that we are offering this new, innovative online sales channel because it offers wider distribution, added value and additional marketing opportunities,” said Bob Sewell, President of TicketWorld. “The ability for people to buy tickets and reserve additional seats for their friends to purchase later differentiates us in the marketplace and provides convenience to our customers. We look forward to a long, successful partnership with AudienceView and to leveraging the company’s ongoing innovations to ensure TicketWorld continues to expand its presence in the AsiaPacific region.”

TicketWorld is a full-service provider of ticketing and box office services to the major venues in Manila. It also provides ticketing services and access control systems to promoters, theme parks, water parks, indoor/outdoor attractions, and ferries. The Philippines has the world’s sixth-highest population of Facebook users by concentration.

“Facebook reaches a wide-ranging audience, including younger, hard-to-reach demographics, through a medium that appeals to them. AudienceView is helping its partners stay ahead of the curve by offering this innovative engagement channel to its clientele, through which they can build a richer customer database,” added AudienceView’s Kevin Kimsa. “In addition to providing true social media-empowered ticketing, AudienceView Tiki makes it possible to turn an organization’s audience into a sales force of trusted advisors. No form of advertising will ever be more credible than a recommendation from a friend, and that is exactly what AudienceView Tiki enables.”

Tribeca Film Festival

In April, Tribeca became the world’s first film festival to give filmgoers the ability to buy tickets and reserve seats for their friends without leaving Facebook. At a time when the film industry is leveraging social media to connect with fans, it was a logical development for Tribeca to begin selling tickets in a place where filmgoers are already engaged.

Three other organizations in North America are completing preparations to launch AV Tiki to their customers as AudienceView’s staged roll-out continues towards general availability.

A demo of AudienceView Tiki is available for those who “Like” the AudienceView Facebook page. You can also connect with AudienceView on Twitter @AudienceView.

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