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7th March 2012

EnCenter by T4G Advances Energy Management Possibilities

t4gT4G Limited, a full-service, project-based IT services company, is pleased to announce its game changing EnCenter tool that can save organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping identify and reduce waste energy. EnCenter separates itself from standard energy management information systems (EMIS) with its ease of use in not only monitoring consumption but pinpointing waste and predicting future consumption patterns through performance modelling.

“Real time consumption and energy driver data, coupled with powerful statistical modelling within EnCenter, takes the guesswork out of finding energy waste and identifying effective changes to save money,” says T4G President Geoff Flood. “EnCenter exposes ‘invisible’ energy waste consumption with an economic potential of 10 to 20 per cent.”

EnCenter’s analytical features crunch numbers and find improvement techniques to make energy consumption visible to the end user, not just once like an audit but continuously. EnCenter uses analytics such as Linear Regression, CUSUM and Meter Mapping to build performance models of any energy consuming process, regardless of industry or type of facility.

If the actual consumption varies from predicted performance, EnCenter indicates a change in the process and alerts the energy manager, who can then investigate what is causing the change and prevent energy waste from occurring.

T4G invested heavily over the last two years developing EnCenter after Mike Carr, Managing Director, Energy, presented the idea at Geekfest in 2010, shortly after he joined the company.

Mr. Flood said EnCenter exemplifies why Geekfest is not simply a great team building and innovation exercise but also an evening to showcase great ideas from T4G staff that can be marketable.

“Right or wrong, we think we can change the world through innovative ideas and Geekfest is a wonderful forum to show off the talent within T4G. EnCenter is an example of helping to change the world by significantly advancing our ability to find and reduce waste energy,” Mr. Flood added.

“With T4G’s vast experience in IT business intelligence (BI) solutions and my background in energy management, I knew we could take EMIS to the next level,” Mr. Carr said. “EnCenter certainly does that.”

What types of organizations can use EnCenter?

“Pretty much anybody who consumes plenty of energy but we’re specifically targeting those organizations with energy intensive facilities,” Mr. Carr said. “Hospitals, universities, government, various industries from banking and telecommunications to automotive and pulp and paper, restaurant chains and more.”

EnCenter is the tool for integrating energy management to LEAN and other continuous improvement best practices, he added.

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