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9th February 2012

Bash Interactive Launches RFID Tap To Like Program for Mercedes Benz

Toronto advertising/media and tradeshow technology production vendor bash interactiveBash Interactive has announced the launch of a RFID-tap-to-like Facebook & joint E-Brochure CRM program for the Mercedes Benz Canadian Autoshow Tour. Bash Interactive’s program officially launched in Montreal last month.

The RFID program enables attendees of the 2012 Mercedes Benz Autoshow to interact with the exhibit by ‘Liking’ Vehicles and taking photos with the models of the cars via an interactive photo-booth.

Attendees are greeted by a representative to provide their information on a tablet which stores information in real-time. Bash-RFIDThe attendee is then given an RFID card in return with a unique serial number. As the attendee browsed the Mercedes Benz Exhibit, the RFID card could be tapped onto ‘Like Boxes’ mounted on digital podiums for an individual ‘Like’ on Facebook for a specific car model.

A customized photo-booth in which patrons tapped their RFID card in order to select images of various cars which allow the attendees to pose for an automatic digital picture capture while they are super-imposed in real-time onto the car they selected to look as though they were driving the car themselves.

To complete the process, users ‘Sign Out’ using their RFID cards at assigned sign-out stations, they then logged onto their Facebook Profiles using the Bash! RFID-Connect Platform which published their Photos and ‘Likes’ of the car models. All attendees of the Mercedes Benz Canadian Autoshow Tour also received a customized PDF brochure on all models of the cars they liked, with the customized picture on the brochure cover.

Mercedes Benz Canada is continuing the activations in Toronto starting February 17th and in Vancouver on April 3rd 2012. As the RFID program had numerous components, it was done in conjunction with Henderson Bas Kohn, BBDO, Kenna, and Immersion Media.



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