26th January 2012

EXFO Introduces EtherSAM Burst Testing

exfoEXFO Inc. has announced the addition of burst testing functionalities to its award-winning Ethernet field-testing instruments. As part of its unique, ITU-T-compliant EtherSAM (Y.1564) Ethernet service activation methodology, which includes simultaneous bidirectional testing capabilities, these new functionalities bring unprecedented SLA validation for Carrier Ethernet cloud, business and mobile backhaul services.

With the proliferation of smartphones and the rising popularity of cloud-based business services, there has been a dramatic increase in interactive software applications, whose distinctive characteristics can affect network performance. They are delay-sensitive and require a coordinated, reliable data delivery; and most importantly, their generated traffic is inherently bursty (e.g., thousands of messages sent simultaneously when major events occur).

By nature, bursty traffic causes additional queuing delay and packet loss in the network, affecting network performance. To avoid costs related to poor service performance, operators must now consider burst parameters such as the committed burst size (CBS) and excess burst size (EBS) during network configuration and through service activation validation. Featuring the EtherSAM (Y.1564) test suite, EXFO’s comprehensive Ethernet testing portfolio offers unmatched accuracy and efficiency when it comes to validating advanced burst parameters.

“EXFO played a pivotal role in the development and acceptance of the ITU-T Y.1564 standard, namely by being the first to support it through the EtherSAM test methodology,” said Étienne Gagnon, EXFO’s Vice-President—Wireline Division and Corporate Marketing. “These new burst testing capabilities are a true differentiator in EXFO’s already unique Ethernet test suite and an essential tool for accurately validating SLA parameters for advanced cloud, business and mobile backhaul services.”

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