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24th January 2012

Project X Labs And Spacefile Announce Strategic Partnership

Project X LtdProject X Labs and high density storage solution company Spacefile have announced a strategic spacefilepartnership that will see the two companies develop a custom business intelligence (BI) visualization solution using Spacefile’s Asset RFID tracking system (SAT) and Project X Labs business intelligence (BI) visualization tools.

The Spacefile Asset tracking system (SAT) uses small adhesive RFID tags and a hand-held RFID reader to track any kind of asset. By importing this business intelligence into a visualization tools created by Project X Labs, a whole new business solution emerges for companies that manage massive amounts of data each day.

With a BI visualization solution, companies can track and manage enormous amounts of data and visualize the movement of assets through their facilities. For example, a law firm which has thousands of files will be able to quickly visualize all the locations a file has travelled through its building. Companies will be able to quickly locate and find missing assets by visualizing them through an easy to use web page. This solution will reduce the cost of doing business by freeing up resources to focus on high impact projects instead of tracking down assets.

“Business intelligence visualization is a field that’s about to explode,” said Stephen Hayward, president of Project X Labs. “By partnering with Spacefile we’re able to take their core business value and combine it with our Rapid Results business intelligence visualization tools and create real results for current and new clients.”

“Our Spacefile Asset tracking system (SAT) using RFID tags has already proven invaluable to our customers and extending the solution to include Project X Labs visualization capabilities will thrill our customers even more,”said John Harkness, president of Spacefile.”

To meet Project X Labs and learn more, visit www.pxlabs.ca or see the company at MicroStrategy World 2012, January 23-26, 2012.

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