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21st January 2012

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Spins A Decent Web

Usually when I hear about a comic book becoming a video game, I cringe. Normally it is because there is zero depth and the story line is a bore. However Beenox has somewhat restored my faith on this subject. Shattered Dimensions has you playing your favourite wall crawler in 4 different eras (Noir, Amazing, Ultimate and 2099). The villains are familiar (Green Goblin, Vulture…etc), but they are tailor-made to suit the era they are in, so you won’t see the Vulture in high tech gear in the noir stages.

Gameplay is simple button mashing. You get points to purchase upgrades for your webhead. The problem I found with this is that there are so many upgrades it is a little difficult to remember all button combinations. I found myself pounding random buttons with the hope I would do a combo by fluke.

Depending on what spider-era you play will result how you play. In the noir era you will need to master stealth while in 2099 you will need to master speed and

Hats off to Beenox for getting the voices from previous spider cartoons to voice the characters. (Except the guy from the 60’s cartoon).

For all you comic lovers out there, Shattered will leave you satisfied. Is it worth paying full pop…no. It is, however, definitely picking up used.

I give Shattered Dimensions 7 web slingers out of 10.

In the words of the great Stan Lee “Excelsior true believers.”

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