4th January 2012

Sandvine Network Analytics Selected By Xplornet

sandvineIntelligent broadband network solutions provider Sandvine has announced that its Network Analytics product, featuring the Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard, has been selected by rural broadband provider Xplornet Communications Inc.,  who became a Sandvine customer in 2008, purchasing the Network Analytics product in fiscal 2011.

Xplornet has been deploying Canada’s first national 4G network, consisting of a fixed-wireless network on the ground and two 4G satellites in space.  With Xplornet’s deployment of 4G technology, and the speed and bandwidth that it allows, the company needs an intelligence layer to measure quality of experience for their customers; especially for those using applications such as streaming video.

“With Sandvine’s Network Analytics product, we will have intelligent, real-time visibility into how our network is performing with respect to the activities that are increasingly critical for our customers.  We will then be empowered to allocate network resources appropriately to optimize customer experience” said David Miles, Chief Network Officer at Xplornet Communications Inc.

As subscriber usage trends evolve, service providers like Xplornet are proactively keeping pace.  Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena report presented the “Post-PC Era”, outlining that the majority of Real-Time Entertainment traffic is destined for game consoles, set-top boxes, smart TVs and mobile devices being used in the home. Sandvine’s report highlights that more video traffic is going to devices other than a PC and counting bytes is no longer sufficient for network planning.

“When you watch a video online, you know whether or not the quality is acceptable – but your service provider has little or no insight into your quality of experience,” said Tom Donnelly, COO, Sales and Global Services, Sandvine.  “Forward-thinking service providers like Xplornet are using Sandvine’s Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard to quantify the online quality and implement measures to help ensure a positive subscriber experience.”

Sandvine’s Network Analytics product helps get data out of the network and into the boardroom by offering unique insight into broadband network usage and trends.  This data, presented in a series of organized dashboards, help service providers make informed operations, executive and marketing decisions.

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