25th November 2011

FuseTalk Partners With Mico Systems

fusetalkThe process begins with a thorough client assessment covering a wide range of issues, organized by categories, such as Corporate, Server, Workstation, Custom Software, Commercial Software, Employee Knowledge, Awareness & Satisfaction, and areas of Business Opportunity.

“It’s a really powerful way to communicate to clients the importance of IT in their businesses, and to help them develop rational plans for getting the most out of their IT investment,” says Mike Turczyniak of Mico Systems. “Our first client experience with the assessment process was remarkable. Right on screen, in real time, we mico systemsengaged the client, assessed the issues, set priorities and discussed solutions and rough budgets. When we left the client site, we further developed solutions and budgets and reaffirmed priorities. It’s just the right way to do it!”

One hosted instance of FuseTalk’s FuseDiligence for IT provides IT firms with the ability to provide private and secure IT assessment and management forums for each of their clients. Access is limited to employees and contractors of the IT service provider and then, in turn, to the employees of their clients.

“The client felt empowered. Getting a balance sheet in time for all of their IT risks and opportunities was what they needed to make informed decisions. IT spending can be irrational in some organizations, defined by hardware and software, and not good practices,” adds Turczyniak.

FuseDiligence for IT runs independently of IT asset management systems but can import employee and IT asset information from Excel. The bulk of the assessment is not around hardware and software but around business risks and opportunities, though knowing what is in use now certainly helps in the evaluation. Partner plans are inexpensive and the revenue upside is, minimally, in the order of a 10 to 1 ratio of revenue to cost. In addition, policies and procedures can be placed on a client forum for all employees to access and discuss. FuseDiligence can be used by the client for literally hundreds of other applications at no additional cost.

“We have an exceptional offering with an ‘everyone wins’ attitude. Customers make informed decisions, partners provide customers with improvement plans, and we provide the starting point expertise and a world-class platform,” says Lesley Huppert of FuseTalk.

FuseDiligence leverages all of the capabilities of FuseTalk and provides powerful, patent and patent pending traits that make FuseDiligence “business essential” Collaborative Business Improvement Software(TM). Coupled with subject matter expert content, FuseDiligence can greatly assist consultants and channel partners realize benefits in terms of time, money and effectiveness.

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