15th November 2011

OpenText Tempo Puts Content on the Go

Open TextOpenText™ has announced OpenText Tempo, a fast, easy and secure document sharing solution that allows enterprise users to share and manage content in secure folders on smartphones, tablets, and PCs or laptops.  Beginning in January 2012, OpenText Tempo will allow users to access, share and modify content while it is instantly and automatically synchronized across all of their computers and mobile devices. 

OpenText has filed a patent related to OpenText Tempo’s hybrid-cloud capabilities, which allow the enterprise to keep data safe in existing systems, while providing the cloud-based app experience that users demand. Organizations can maintain absolute control of their data while allowing users to easily and effectively share content, which today is typically emailed or stored on cumbersome network shared drives.  OpenText Tempo provides a secure, fast-paced and engaging experience for all users on any device, putting content on the go and making businesses that use OpenText Tempo more efficient.

Consumer Web services, such as photo-sharing sites and other content sharing services, are re-shaping expectations around convenience, speed and ease of use.  OpenText Tempo unlocks the digital assets of the enterprise and fundamentally changes the tempo of how information is used, shared and stored by enterprise users. Historic barriers to effective information sharing come tumbling down for those enterprises that embrace this new capability.

OpenText Tempo was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the on-the-go power of smartphones and tablets.  It offers a highly scalable app-centered platform which allows:

  • Easy access to content – any content needed, from any device mobile or otherwise.
  • Incredibly fast sharing of information and collaboration with colleagues in a secure way.
  • Simplicity, never having to worry about losing information and zero-training requirements.

“We named this breakthrough product OpenText Tempo because it fundamentally changes the speed and simplicity of information sharing within an enterprise. It takes advantage of existing IT infrastructures and security to create an environment where business-critical information can be exchanged, used on the go and retained in ways never before possible,” said Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer of OpenText. “Just as email systems of the past shaped new forms of digital messaging, we see OpenText Tempo’s leading-edge capability revolutionizing the way people share information within the enterprise.”

According to Roman, beta testers of OpenText Tempo described significant time savings, the ability to work on the go and easy sharing of content with co-workers. They found their smartphones, tablets and even PCs much more useful in their workday lives.  They described it as: “a must have,” “an essential business app” and “it made sharing my work fast and easy!”

OpenText Tempo’s user friendly, app-based experience lets users upload, access and share content freely using various devices at the same time. Content is automatically synchronized across devices and between trusted users.  Most significantly, it is always securely stored, easily retrieved and sharable at the touch of a smartscreen or keyboard.

Enterprises can choose to deploy OpenText Tempo entirely on premise or, drawing from OpenText’s patent-pending technology, can adopt the hybrid model. The hybrid approach allows the enterprise to retain full control over information assets, while offloading the effort of maintaining the service to OpenText. Roman adds, “This hybrid approach lets an enterprise take advantage of the on-demand model in a way that is completely secure yet offers new opportunities to lower cost. We see this as a compelling model going forward which offers customers maximum flexibility and choice. This is the new world of fast, easy and secure content on the go from OpenText.”

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