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18th July 2011

Wantsa Announces Request a Deal for Search and Directory Companies

wantsaDeal Exchange company Wantsa has introduced its “Request a Deal” button for search and directory companies looking to provide consumers with deals they are interested in. This is the first “Deal Exchange” that connects consumers and merchants in a mutually beneficial exchange that delivers what each group wants.

The Merchant – wants a customer, sale or hot lead
The Publisher – wants a significant source of new ad revenue
The Consumer – wants a relevant deal from specific merchants and services providers

Until now the deal industry has centered around outbound email marketing where consumers receive random daily deals from local merchants offering deep discounts in exchange for pre-purchasing consumers walking through their doors with personalized vouchers.

To deliver what everyone wants, Wantsa created a simple button called “Request a Deal” for any online or mobile publisher that displays Directory Listings for local merchants. When this “Request a Deal” button is added to the publisher’s directory of business listings, consumers can simply click the button next to the listing of the business they are interested in to register their “request” for a deal.wantsa-screen

Through its automated process, Wantsa delivers to the publisher the aggregated consumer demand for the deal. The publisher, in turn, shares this information with the merchant, showing a proven “demand” for the deal. Through this unique process, publishers and sales agencies are able to deliver relevant offers to consumers anxiously awaiting deals from specific local merchants. In addition to connecting merchants directly to qualified consumers, Wantsa also has the capability to administer quick surveys to capture market research or leads.

To help publishers solve the problem of deal inventory, Wantsa has created a “Deal Exchange” where any company who has deal inventory can simply submit their supply into the “Deal Repository” and, conversely, publishers seeking deal inventory can access deals from various sources.

“Think of Wantsa as a major evolution of Ad networks. The only difference is that instead of creating an Ad that results in a click, companies are creating offers that result in real consumer transactions,” said Atif Hussein, Head of Product and Engineering for Wantsa.

Wantsa “Request a Deal” creates a win, win, win for all parties:

  • Publishers deliver the deals consumers want.
  • Consumers receive relevant deals they have requested and forgo subscribing to receive random emails with irrelevant offers from over 500 daily deal companies.
  • Merchants receive real results that matter to their business without needing to give enormous discounts to create the relevance consumers need.

“Wantsa’s mission is to revolutionize the online advertising industry. Merchants are tired of being sold ‘clicks to a website’ when what they really want are customer transactions and revenues. Wantsa is uniquely positioned to transform the online advertising industry away from ‘cost per click’ by offering the first ‘cost per result’ deal exchange,” says David Strebinger, CEO of Wantsa. “Wantsa’s solutions enable publishers to deliver ongoing, tangible results that merchants and advertisers care about: qualified customers, purchases, consumer data, and customer engagement.”

Wantsa customers span publishers, search, and directory companies including Metroland Media Group, Chicago Sun Times, and Time Out.

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