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  • Calgary Scientific Revolutionizes Application Sharing and Advanced Collaboration With PureWeb 3.0

21st June 2011

Calgary Scientific Revolutionizes Application Sharing and Advanced Collaboration With PureWeb 3.0

calgary scientificCalgary Scientific has released PureWeb® 3.0, the first platform solution that allows multiple users to interact with the same instance of a software application simultaneously. PureWeb’s new collaboration capability allows geographically distributed users to access any PureWeb enabled application and collaborate with other users on a real-time basis. PureWeb allows existing software applications to be used in new ways and places, for less time and money, while maintaining high performance and security.

“The goal of Calgary Scientific has been to provide solutions for our customers that allow them to extend how and where their solutions are used,” says Pierre Lemire, President and Chief Technology Officer, Calgary Scientific. “Breaking yet another significant technical barrier, PureWeb 3.0 raises the bar to an even higher level by allowing users to interact with a single computed location, from any device, in a secure, high performance manner.”

With PureWeb, software that was previously chained in place on workstations and desktops can be freed to work anywhere on the Internet. It can then be accessed on mobile devices like laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones in modern ways that feel native to each. PureWeb allows software applications to be used by any user from any location or device without having to completely rewrite existing application code for each new platform. Making applications available to users anytime, anywhere increases the productivity and value of the applications.

New technologies such as web, cloud and mobile devices, have changed how and where users deploy and access applications. PureWeb allows any software applications to be leveraged in new ways by expanding how and where it is deployed and how it is accessed. This allows existing software to be utilized in new ways and increases the overall value to customers by providing flexibility and extending software and hardware lifecycles. PureWeb 3.0’s revolutionary collaboration capabilities allow users to share and collaborate with each other and their applications in a real-time, high performance fashion. Software applications can be shared natively and controlled by multiple users without having to invoke third-party sharing facilities, such as conferencing and collaboration tools, that add latency, complexity, and cost.

PureWeb brings modern benefits, such as web, cloud, mobile devices and now collaboration, to existing software applications quickly and at a fraction the time and cost of alternate approaches by not changing what the software does or how it is written. PureWeb’s support of existing and emerging standards allows users to future-proof their application investments and quickly support new platforms and devices in the future.

The PureWeb approach to modernizing software for the web, cloud or other host environments, dramatically reduces software management costs. Unlike SOA projects that are difficult to manage and contain, PureWeb does not require changes to existing applications. PureWeb also eliminates the licensing, deployment and management costs of proprietary clients required by screen scraping and other desktop virtualization techniques.

PureWeb offers an ever-expanding list of options for legacy applications. PureWeb integrates directly into your existing C#, C++ or Java code, bringing the web to your application rather than your application to the web. And more importantly, adding support for mobile applications such as an Apple iPad, iPhone or Google Android devices is seamless.

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Data is always most secure when it is not unnecessarily moved or copied. With PureWeb, data is stored where it is in now and is accessed through the PureWeb-enabled application just like it currently does. Since PureWeb does not change or compromise these systems, it provides further cost savings by not transferring or duplicating the data to any client, including mobile devices. This allows users to leverage existing security and infrastructure while providing secure and compliant access to applications from any client.

High performance software belongs on high performance hardware and PureWeb doesn’t change that. It just makes software applications accessible from mobile devices that leverage the processing power of existing high performance infrastructure. By doing this, PureWeb puts the processing power of a server in every user’s hand.

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